Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hold That Tube Feeding

Allie has been tube feeding free for almost two months now.  We decided to stop her tube feedings and see what happens.  We did this in the past, numerous times and within a week or two, she would start loosing weight.  Well, to our surprise, she hasn't lost any weight yet and it's been almost two months.  Her eating goes in spurts but the important thing is she hasn't lost any weight. 

She meets with her endocrinologist tomorrow in Marshfield.  I'm hoping her growth is going to show a significant increase. 

Overall, Allie has been doing great!  She is finally coming to terms that she has to go to Kindergarten in a couple months.  I know once she gets there, she will love it.  She just doesn't like the idea of having to leave home, she likes to hang out with mom all day.

We have been praying for the day when Allie no longer needs her feeding tube and it's possible that we are reaching that point.  For now, we are just letting her go at her own pace and if she decides to continue to eat by mouth, wonderful!!!!! however, if something changes and she needs feedings again, that's okay.  I'm suspecting once school starts, feedings might need to be started again because I won't be right by her side all day pushing her to eat or telling her how important it is to eat in order to have energy, etc.  So, time will tell and we will just let Allie be Allie and let her go at her own pace.  For now though, we are making progress and that is wonderful!!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!