Monday, October 17, 2011

Blood Work Results

While we were at the Children's Hospital the other week, one of the doctors requested that Allie get a full panel of blood work done.  This was requested because Allie lost weight that month.  They were thinking she was dehydrated and malnourished.  They didn't come right out and say it to my face but they were implying it and were definitely not happy she lost weight.  Of course, I was more unhappy that she lost weight because I had worked so hard to make her gain.  I was mad they would even suggested that I would allow Allie to be dehydrated or malnourished - I love my little girl more than anything and I strive daily to keep her the healthiest that I can.  I of course agreed to the blood work because I knew it would prove she is healthy!!!!

I got the call last Friday with the results and here they are:

Iron - 70 (normal is 44-142)
Ferritin - 12.8 (normal is 10-60)
Hemoglobin - 12.1 (normal is 11.5 - 14.5)
Hematocrit - 35.8 (normal 33.43)
Electrolytes - normal
Metabolic Panel - normal
CBC - normal
Vitamin D - normal
Vitamin B12 - normal

Everything in the normal range!!!!!  However, they are saying her iron is a bit low and they want to discuss that with me further.  I have yet to call the doctor back, but according to these levels, I'm thinking she's doing great.  I'm going to get a copy of the blood results sent her to her primary GI doctor here in Wausau and see if he thinks her iron is an issue or not. 

So, as I suspected, Allie is doing great (inside & out).  We are continuing to keep her on 4 bolus feeds a day with 5 oz each time.  The BD is still working great for her and we have had no vomiting issues.  She no longer drinks the E028 Splash (predigested formula) orally, she only likes chocolate milk now.  I do sometimes use the E028 Splash in her BD though.  Allie started preschool and is loving it.  She also is fully potty trained now - finally!!!!  She's has grown up so much the past couple months it's amazing.  Of course she is still strong willed, demanding and down right sassy but would I really want it any other way????

Silly little Allie

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