Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bone Age and Blood Work Results

Allie's recent bone age test came back with a result of 3.5 years old.  She is now a whole year behind in growth.  When her bone age was tested a year ago, she was only 6 months behind.  Of course, these are not the results we were hoping for, however, it's something to work with.  What does her bone age test results mean????  Basically, she has a lot of room to grow!  It means that her bones are at the age 3.5 and they are suppose to be at 4.5.  Most likely her bone growth is delayed due to lack of nutrition.  Even though she has a feeding tube, we still struggle with getting enough calories into her on a daily basis.  This struggle is due to her gastroparesis along with her extremely small stomach capacity (3 oz at the most at a time).

Her blood work came back pretty normal.  Her prealbrium has dropped quite a bit.  This is her overall nutritional status. In August of 2011 it was at a 26 and now it's at 16.  The doctor wasn't happy about that number.  What do we do to raise that number?  We try to feed her more.

I made an appointment with our Dietician right away.  We are scheduled to meet her on January 8th at 2:45.  I am hoping that she can help us with figuring out a way to get more food into Allie.  I'm not sure what she is going to suggest, but something has to be done.  I'm anxious for the appointment.

We all had a very Merry Christmas.  We hope you all have good health and happiness in 2013.

Chloe, Allie & Baby Ashley

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