Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Early Childhood Progam a possibility

Yesterday morning Allie and I met with Tonja our Birth to 3 coordinator, Susan with the Children's Service Society of Wisconsin and Julie who is a Speech Therapist at the Mountain Bay Elementary School.  This is the first meeting to transition Allie from the Wisconsin Birth to 3 program to the Early Childhood Program.  Once Allie turns 3, she is considered a school aged kid so she will no longer get services from the Birth to 3 program.  Our meeting went extremely well.  Everyone was very helpful and they were able to answers all my questions.

The Early Childhood program is "special ed" and the classes are at Mountain Bay Elementary school.  This is a different school than what she would go to if she wasn't enrolled in the Early Childhood program.  At this point, we do not know if she needs the Early Childhood program or not.  Within the next 60 days, the Early Childhood program will take 3 days and evaluate Allie thoroughly.  If she has significant delays in two areas or more, then she will qualify for the program.  If she does qualify, she will attend preschool T-F from 8:30 - 11:00.  During this class time, she will get the therapy she needs (based on their assessment).  She currently receives SPT & OT through the Birth to 3 program. 

If Allie does not qualify for the Early Childhood program, she can still receive therapy through the school system.  We would be able to take her to Evergreen Elementary (where Chloe will go) for her therapy sessions.  After her evaluation with the Early Childhood program (and if she doesn't qualify) the Therapist will recommend how much therapy they feel Allie needs each week.  At this point, we will also be able to enroll Allie in whatever preschool we choose. 

So - it's up to the State what Allie will qualify for.  I'm not sure what I'm praying for - either option is good.  I just want to make sure that we don't miss any "opportunity" to help Allie catch up to her peers.  My personal opinion is that Allie is not significantly delayed overall, however we do know she has a pretty significant speech delay and her behavior with other children can be quite unmanageable.  We are also still trying to figure out if she has an auditory processing disorder or if she simply is just choosing to completely ignore us - it's honestly hard to tell!  She listens sometimes but other times she's way out in left field and completely ignoring us.

Anyway, our meeting went well and we are taking steps in the right direction. Now, if only her medical mystery could be solved!

We meet with her ENT doctor on Monday and her GI doctor on Wednesday.  These appointments will be to review in detail all of her latest test results from December and also to see how she is doing now that she's gluten and corn free. I am starting my long list of questions.  If you think of anything we should ask the doctor, please speak up.  I know a lot of people read the blog and I'm sure many of you have your own opinions, etc - so let's hear them.  Maybe YOU, yes YOU can help diagnose little Allie!

Oh yeah....have I mentioned how I HATE the night time pump. 

This is how Allie woke up the other morning - all tangled in her tubing!  I hate the night time pump!

Allie helping Great Grandma Saari make homemade cinnamon rolls (or at least helped to play in the flour)

Miss Chloe all jeweled up for school

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  1. Jodi, have you ever looked into Mitochondrial Disease for Allie's diagnosis? I don't know a thing about it other than it can cause a lot of eating/growth issues. I have been looking in to it with Madison lately because of her normal genes, but abnormal life. Thought I would throw it out there. Big hugs girl, I understand and share your hatred of overnight feeds. Madison had the tube wrapped around her neck the other night...thank goodness we have her heart monitors to alarm us if anything is wrong...and she is a foot from my side of the bed.

    Hugs and I am going through the email you sent me. Putting together our own packet for the local paper :o)