Monday, January 10, 2011


I don't want to say it to loud

come close

a little closer

now listen........(actually whisper when you read this)

I THINK our little Allie is eating more than she normally does

I don't want to jinx her so shhhhhh let's not celebrate too much until we give her a couple more days and see how she eats then.   I just had to share my little bit of good news.  Have a great day!


  1. Whispers very quietly, go Allie! ;)

  2. Could it have been that simple? WOW!!! Great news!!!!

  3. Thanks Jenna!!

    Steph - I'm not for sure she is eating more but it kind of seems like it. She's only eating a couple more bites but it's better than nothing. I'm thinking she's eating slightly more because of one of the following:
    1) eating gluten and corn free
    2) her new formula is completely predigested so it doesn't keep her full for very long
    3) she is getting less formula during the day because she is back to her night time pump (so during the day she isn't full on milk as much)

    I don't really know - there is also the possibility that this is just a short phase. She's had these phases in the past. Another thing to note is she is drinking a lot of whole milk with ovaltine but not consuming much solid food - either way it's still going in orally and not her tube. So, we are pretty happy with her little volume increase - just praying it lasts!

  4. Hey...
    It is what it is..we have these little phases too and I never get too excited. But I always secretly hope "this is it!"
    You've made some BIG changes, so you never know...this actually may be IT!!!
    Hang in meal at a day at a time...