Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 33 - ENT Appointment

Allie met with her ENT doctor this morning and it was a quick easy visit.  He said everything looks great and he's happy to hear we are attempting a tube wean for her.  He reminded me not to be discouraged if we have to go back to tube feeds.  He said Allie is such a medical mystery that he feels it will take at least several tube weaning attempts (or more) before she decides to eat.

At our previous ENT appointment in April, we did additional allergy testing and her RAST test came back positive for milk.  Every other testing we did prior to this (skin prick and patch testing) milk came back negative.  So, we didn't really know if she was allergic to milk or not.  Allie's doctor has suggested we don't limit her food intake at all.  Let her eat anything she wants and see if any signs of allergies pop up.  So, in April we took his advice and since then, Allie has had absolutely no signs of food allergies. 

In addition, we gradually added gluten back into Allie's diet and she is not showing any signs or reactions to that either.  So, her ENT doctor gave us the green light to continue what we are doing and allowing her to eat anything and everything she wants - no food limitations for allergies. 

This is a huge difference than back in January 2011 when she was supposedly severely allergic to corn.  I have to say living with a child with food allergies is very difficult and the 3-4 months Allie was corn free was one of the hardest periods in my life.  Everything we do is about food and having a child that could eat next to nothing was very hard (even though she didn't enjoy food anyway).  Many people think that having a food allergy isn't a big deal but let me tell you it is.  With Allie being gluten and corn free for several months, our world was turned sideways and we were continually struggling to find things a toddler could eat.  My heart goes out to everyone with food allergies - it's not fun and the hardest part is other people often think having a food allergy is no big deal. 

So, hearing the words from Allie's ENT doctor today, "continue to not restrict any food in her diet" was like music to my ears.  It was the best outcome we could have hoped for.  At this time, we don't have a follow up appointment with her ENT doctor which is also wonderful.  Her doctor does not feel the need to re-scope her at all since she is showing no signs of a allergy.  I of course promised to watch her closely and if any symptoms pop up, I would give him a call right away.

Like I said, it was a quick and easy appointment and we even received a huge ray of sunshine with good news.  Now, if only Allie's tube weaning could go smoothly like that - lol.

Allie getting a little sideways

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