Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tube Weaning Continues

Allie had a weight check this morning and she weighed in at 27 pounds.  She was down only 0.4 pounds. 

Allie continues to drink her Eo28 Splash continually.  Most of her oral calories are coming from that.  She is doing really good but I'm still concerned that most of her calories are coming from liquids.  I know that might change with time so I'm not stressing about it yet.

I'm very happy with her current weight but quite honestly, I thought she was going to lose more than she did.  It felt like she didn't eat anything over the 4th of July weekend.  She must have consumed more than I thought so that's great.

Allie is doing amazing with this tube weaning.  I'm so proud of her, she is working really hard at eating.  It's of course still a struggle to get enough food into her but she's doing great.  She is starting to pocket food a bit more than before and she is also starting to chew her food then spit it out.  We will work past these little bumps in the road and if it takes a while, that's alright, at least she's eating!!!

Allie goes back for a weight check in 2 weeks.  I'm very happy with her progress so we are going to continue holding all her tube feedings.  We didn't meet with her GI doctor today but I'm assuming he would recommend the same thing.  Allie's energy level has fluctuated slightly from day to day but I notice that on days she doesn't eat much, she is less active.  I keep reminding her that she needs to eat in order to have energy.  Honestly I don't think she understands it but I don't know for sure.

So,things are going well and we will continue on this path.  It has been almost 2 full weeks since Allie had a tube feeding - that's amazing!!!


  1. WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!!!
    GREAT NEWS!!!!!

  2. I am so amazed by your strength and determination! If you haven't felt like you've gotten a pat on the back it is!!!! I am so happy for your family! Sounds like all your hard work is paying off!! Hang in there!!!