Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Tomorrow we are heading to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to meet with the complete feeding team and Dr. Tipnis (GI doctor). Our appointment is to see how Allie has been doing the past year and also to determine if she is a candidate for the 2 week inpatient feeding intervention.

It has been a year since we discontinued Allie's medical care at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.  I have many mixed emotions about going back.  However, we are not establishing care there again, this is just to access Allie's medial state to determine if she is a candidate for their feeding intervention.

My gut is telling me Allie isn't a candidate for the intervention, however I don't really know.  If she's not a candidate, I'm guessing these two reasons are going to be why.....

1) She's not at a healthy weight.  She's still in less than the 3% for her age.
2) She is not able to handle a large enough volume of food at one time.

I'm anxious to see what the team of specialist say, however I am not setting any expectations as to getting any closer to a diagnosis for Allie.  I am not anticipating this appointment to be anything more than determining if she is able to go through the intense feeding intervention. 

Too many times we have drove a long distance to try and get answers and every time I leave with more questions than I started with.  So this time, I promised myself it would be different.  I'm not expecting anything out of the ordinary and I'm not looking for answers (unless they offer some possibilities).  I have only a few questions for the doctors but not a full list of questions - I'm going in with an open mind and I'm going to let them ask me questions for once.  We'll see how it goes.

I would like to thank everyone that donated tabs again for the Ronald McDonald House in Milwaukee.  We collected a lot of tabs from Delta County and surrounding areas - so thank you for continuing to save them.  Also, thank you to the Escanaba McDonald's for continuing to be a drop off location and allowing me to pick them up and deliver them to the Ronald McDonald House!!!! 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's appointment and I'm anxious to meet Dr. Tipnis, he is one of the GI doctors at Children's that we have never met before.  We have heard wonderful things about him.  I'll update Allie's blog sometime after her appointment.  As always, thanks so much for checking in and following Allie's story!!!!
Chloe & Allie at Bay Beach (Allie our little fighter)

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