Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Day of Private Speech Therapy

Allie with Ms. Anna (her private feeding & speech therapist)

Today was officially Allie's last day of private speech therapy.  She has been getting private therapy the whole summer but it's now come to an end.  We aren't giving up on Allie's speech, she will be starting therapy through the school system again.  She will receive speech therapy once a week for a half hour. 

We would like to thank Ms.Anna and everyone at Therapies + for all the wonderful work they did with Allie.  Throughout the summer, Allie receive speech and feeding therapy twice a week for an hour each time.  Allie loved her therapy and looked forward to it all the time.  Ms. Anna was great with little Allie and she spoiled her.  I was pleased because Ms. Anna had a ton of patience with Allie - working with little Allie can be quite a challenge!!!!

As with every professional we have worked with, Ms. Anna would like to keep updated on Allie's medical progress.  As I have mentioned before, Ms. Anna has not worked with anyone quite like Allie - basically every ability to eat but refuses.  Most of the children she works with has difficulty chewing, swallowing, gagging, or food aversions, etc.  So, Allie continues to be a mystery and everyone is interested in her progress. 

Just a swinging (at therapy)
Allie was sad to leave therapy today and she loved hugging Ms. Anna.  I was happy to see it because she sure gave Ms. Anna a run for her money.  I will never forget how hard Anna worked on getting Allie to eat, and how Anna came to our house for free just to observe our meal environment and to help Allie eat.  Of course we couldn't convince Allie to get enough but it was all worth a try. 

So, thank you again to all of the wonderful therapist that have worked with Allie this summer.  We will miss you and who knows, we just might be back if something changes!

Allie was taking pictures of Ms. Anna
The girls in the ball pit at therapy

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