Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blenderized Diet Information

As many of you know, we have been giving Allie a blenderized diet for a couple months now.  I am proud to say that she is now 100% fed "real food".  I make her blends once a day and she receives 5 bolus feeds throughout the day.  She is getting roughly 900 calories a day. 

Once starting on the blenderized feeds, Allie's oral intake dropped to almost zero, however her intake is starting to pick up again.  She seems to go in streaks of eating a small amount of food to not eating anything at all.  At this point, we don't stress about what goes into her mouth - if she eats we praise her if she doesn't eat, we don't praise her.  We know she is getting all of the proper nutrition through her tube so we of course don't stress about her eating at this point.

Anyway, back to the BD - everything about it is going wonderful.  I couldn't ask for a happier, healthier child - well I take that back - if she would eat orally that would be great.  But, little Allie chooses not to eat so we deal with it and now she is getting the best nutrition out of all of us. 

I have had several people ask questions about BD's and I'm more than happy to help out.  I started not that long ago and I'm forever grateful for the friends that helped me get started.  Putting Allie on a blenderized diet has been the best decision I made in a long time.  She is a totally different child since being on the BD.  I would especially like to thank Stephanie for answering all of my "silly" questions and really giving me the push to start making Allie's real food.  Steph - please know that I appreciate your help and your continued support - you made the transition from enteral formula to BD possible!

When I started Allie on a BD, I had a ton of questions and I was constantly searching the Internet for answers.  I found the best thing was to not stress too much about it or it will consume you.  Starting a blenderized diet is a learning process and like everything else - with time you will get the hang of it. 

Tonight I made two video's in regards to Allie's blenderized diet.  One video shows me making one of her blends and the other video shows how we bolus feed her the blends.  I apologize the video's are a bit long but I wanted to make sure I included as much information as possible.

So - here you go - this is my blenderized diet examples.  Please excuse the way I look, I'm in an old sweatshirt and have absolutely no makeup on - actually I am even wearing my glasses instead of my contacts.  All around I look like a dork - so just focus on Allie or the expensive Vita-mix blender - lol

This first video is how I make Allie's blends.

This second video is how I feed Allie her blenderized diet


  1. You're welcome Jodi!!! It's always a pleasure watching a child switch and hearing how great they are doing. I'm proud of you! And thrilled for Allie! It's a lot easier to accept the tubie when life is a little smoother and vomit free!!!!

  2. I am so glad to hear that Allie is doing well on a blenderized diet. There is now a 100% real food, shelf stable option for those on feeding tubes. You can learn more about it here: justfoodblends.com