Saturday, March 12, 2011

Evaluation Results

Allie has had a handful of evaluations lately and we got some of the results.  Since she is turning 3 the end of next month, she is exiting the Wisc. birth - 3 program.  After the birth - 3 program, kids get evaluated for Early Childhood (Special Ed).  We didn't think Allie would qualify for early childhood but since it was recommended that she get tested, we agreed.  In order to qualify for the early childhood program, a child needs to have 2 significant delays in development.

We spent a couple days at a local elementary school so they could evaluate and observe Allie in a classroom setting.  Besides being super shy, Allie did great. 

Here are a couple of her results:

1) Auditory comprehension skills = 82% (well within the average range) score 114 (average is 85-115)

2) Expressive communication skills = 70% (well within the average range) score 108 (average is 85-115)

3) Articulation skills - 5%.  A "significant" delay is 4% so she isn't far from that.

4) Grasping skills = 30 month level (Allie is 33 months)

5) Visual motor skills = 31 month level

6) Emotional & behavioral skills
   a) Initiative - typical
   b) Self-control - typical
   c) Attachment - strength
   d) Behavior factor - typical
   d) Behavioral concerns - typical

7) Physical, adaptive , behavioral, social-emotional and cognitive development skills:
   a) Physical - average (23%)
   b) Adaptive - average (18%)
   c) Social-Emotional - average (50%)
   d) Cognitive - average (68%)

So, the only developmental concern for Allie at this point is her speech (articulation).  She is basically significantly delayed in that area.  Here is a little bit out of Allie's report, "Allie is able to produce most age appropriate speech sounds in single words; when she co-articulates these with later developing sounds in her connected speech, her overall intelligibility drops significantly to 60-65% with unfamiliar listeners (at three to four years of age a child is usually 80% intelligible to unfamiliar listeners).  The number of errors she produced in the evaluation places her well below the normal of her age and this is apparent in her spontaneous speech".

In summary, Allie did not qualify for the Wisc. Early Childhood program but she does qualify for speech therapy through the state of Wisconsin.  She will get speech therapy at our local elementary school once a week for 30 minutes.

Allie did great with all of her evaluations but honestly I'm happy they are over.  It's nice to know that she is developing as she should and now I feel like we can move on and continue to deal with her speech issues. 

A little cuddle time.

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