Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good Bye Mr. Feeding Pump

Today we let Allie say "Good-bye" to her feeding pump.   Her need for the pump ended a couple weeks ago when we decided to give her a bolus feed or two during the night instead of making her be hooked up to the pump all night.  As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Allie was petrified of being hooked up to the pump and she was not sleeping at all during the night.  Since taking her off the pump at night, she has been sleeping great! 

Of course we are not saying "good-bye" to the pump forever.  We will keep the little guy around for a while because we all know to well that if a tube fed child gets sick, they dehydrate very easily.  Sometimes when tube fed kids are sick, the easiest way to get water or pedialyte into them is with a continuous slow feed with a pump instead of a bolus feed.  In addition, we need to confirm a little longer that Allie is going to tolerate all of her tube bolus feeds 100% before we turn the pump back over to the medical supply company. 

However, saying "good-bye" to the pump right now means he's leaving Allie's bedroom and taking residents up in the basement.  He'll be stored in a nice plastic bag right next to his best friend "the medical pole".   If there comes a time in the future when Mr. pump is needed again, we will know where to find him.

I have to say, Allie's room looks very nice with no feeding pump in it.  This is a sight I didn't think I would see for quite a while but here we are, March 5, 2011 and we are saying good-bye to Mr. pump.  Allie was quite thrilled and even kissed her medical pole good-bye.  Of course, Chloe had to get in on it too.  Keep in mind, Allie's had this pump around with her for the past year - it's almost become a permanent fixture in her room or in her backpack.   Getting rid of the pump is a big deal for Allie - I know she has secretly hated him all along.  I could tell because she always put up a tough fight when it was time to be hooked up to him - I think it was a love hate relationship - lol.

Here are a couple pictures of the girls saying good-bye to Mr. pump and Mr medical pole.  Hopefully we won't have to see them again until it's time to return them to our medical supply company.

Here is the lonely pump and medical pole that Allie hasn't needed for several weeks.

So excited to see him leaving - even Dora in the background is happy!

Allie kissing Mr. medical pole good-bye for now

Allie talking to Mr. pump and telling him a serious story

Chloe had to say good-bye also


  1. We are very happy to say goodbye to the pump too! We haven't used it since we started the blended diet. We of course will keep it around for illness and reactions but it is great not having to hook him up!

  2. oh and we owns ours you may too!

  3. "Anonymous".....ARE YOU KIDDING???? "this is stupid"??? seriously???? This is a very big deal for this family and I for one am glad this makes them happy. Did no one ever teach you, "If you can't say some thing nice, say nothing at all" Why do you even bother to read the blog? Go find something better to do with your time, like learning good manners!

  4. Jodi I am so happy for you and Allie!! It is a big day in your house!!

  5. YIPPPPEEEE! I'm beyond excited for you guys! Such a huge accomplishment!!!!