Monday, March 7, 2011

Start of weight checks

Allie met with her regular Pediatrician this afternoon to start her weight checks.  We agreed to having her weight checked every 3 weeks to monitor her progress with her new tube food (blenderized food).  I have been tracking Allie's weight at home so I know she is gaining weight, however our Pediatrician, GI doctor, and Dietician all agreed they would like to closely monitor her so they recommend we bring her in for weight checks.  Allie won't mind because she gets a sticker out of the deal.

Allie will also start getting regular blood draws to check her complete chem panel.  These are the things they will be checking her for regularly.
Comprehensive metabolic panel
Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy
CBC with differential
Vit B12 and folate
Iron and TIBC panel

Allie will have her blood work drawn the middle of April and then she will get it drawn again in 3 months.  If all of her levels stay stable (being on the blenderized diet), she will probably get her blood work checked every 6 months. 

Here were Allie's measurements on 1/26/11
Weight - 24.6 (<5%)
Height - 34.25 inches (<25%)
Head - 45.5 cm (<5%)

Here are her measurements today 3/7/11
Weight - 24.6 (<5%)
Height - 34.5 (<5%)
Head - 46 cm (6%)

I know the weight is not right.  I saw 24.6 pounds on their scale when she was on it and the nurse wrote 24.6 pounds down on my sheet with her measurements.  However, Allie's graphing paperwork from the doctor shows 26.6 pounds.  I just got off the phone with the doctors office to see if they knew which number was right and they said the 26.6 pounds was right.  Personally, I know that is wrong because I seen the scale myself, however I have a hard time believing their scale.  I know Allie has gained weight in the past month - I have been tracking her at home for my own records.  So, here is what my records indicate:

Allie's weight on 1/27/11 - 24.6 pounds
Allie's weight on 3/7/11 - 25.4

So, no matter what the doctors scale reads, I know my little girl is gaining.  I will continue to track her weight at home and just to satisfy all of her doctors, I will also bring her in to the clinic every 3 weeks and let her get on the scale in order to earn a sticker. 

Everyone here is doing great.  Chloe is enjoying soccer and wants us to sign her up for summer soccer.  Matt is busy with work like usual and I'm busy keeping up with the girls.  We leave for our Florida vacation in a week and I'm not even close to being ready.  I forget how much packing goes into a 2 week vacation.  Not to mention all of Allie's feeding supplies and this year it's even more of a challenge with the blenderized diet.  I haven't ironed out yet how we will be making her blends while we travel, I'm still trying to figure out how we are going to offer her food at all the restaurants along the way.  For now, we plan to take a small fridge in the van and have "safe" corn & gluten free food for Allie to eat while we stop for breakfast, lunch & dinner.  The good thing is she doesn't eat much orally but she always has an opinion as to what food she "thinks" she wants.  So, we have to be prepared! If anyone has any traveling tips for food allergies and tube feeding, please send them my way.  No matter how much prep work is needed for this trip, there is no doubt a vacation is going to be a wonderful break!!!

Allie chilling with her feet up
Chloe does all the hard work around here.  Big girl is shoveling the walk way for me - love her!

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