Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Preliminary Neuro-Developmental Evaluation Results

Allie was evaluated by Dr. Mohrland this morning for her full neuro-developmental evaluation.  The testing took 1 1/2 hours and she did great. I'm not sure exactly what all area's they tested for but I do know they tested her cognitive development.  I had forgotten to fill out my "paperwork" at home so today I will be spending 2 hours and filling out her "Bayley Social-Emotional and Adaptive Behavior Questionnaire".  I have to drop it off at his office tomorrow so he can finalize her test results.

Allie's preliminary neuro-developmental evaluation results are something like this:

1) He completely ruled any form of Autism or Asperger's (he ruled this out at our last visit but he said this testing ruled it out for sure)

2) Allie has a delay in her speech for articulation.  He recommends we keep her in speech therapy and she will eventually catch up with her peers.

3) He does not see any other neurological delays with Allie.  He said that she is right on target.

4) He ruled out "Auditory Processing Issues" - he said that Allie just has a mind of her own and is choosing to completely ignore us at times.  She is understanding everything we tell her she is just choosing to be stubborn and not responding to us.  Little stinker!!

Once I get my paperwork into the doctor, we will get her full test results in writing.  I know these results are preliminary but I am very comfortable with them.  I feel that Allie is progressing at a great speed and even though she may seem immature for her age, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we baby her more than we did Chloe.  Since Allie is sick a lot more with medical issues, she is nurtured a lot more than an average child.  Keep in mind her actual size (small for age) makes her look much younger than she is. 

So, overall she is doing great.  I will post the final test results when I get them.  Yeah Allie - it's such a relief to get good results for this testing.  Looks like we continue to work on her speech and we are good to go.  Of course we still have to work on her oral eating but that's a whole different mountain to climb :)

Allie continues to do great with her blenderized diet bolus feeds.  We are still vomit free and loving it.  Her behavior continues to be manageable.  She is gaining weight at a steady pace but has become quite the pooping machine.  I'm thinking she's getting a little too much fiber in her diet but I'm having a hard time reducing her fiber in her blends.  It's amazing how much "good" nutrients are in whole foods and sometimes you can get too much of a good thing.  I'll continue to work on reducing her fiber intake, however Allie doesn't seem to mind being a pooping machine.  Now if we could only get her to go in the toilet it would be wonderful!!!

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  1. Allie's "Auditory Processing Issues" remind me of her father. I remember their being concerns about Matt's ability to hear as he would get so engrossed in what he was doing that he wouldn't hear anything around him.

    He was once playing legos in Mona's living room and he could not hear us calling him from the dining room! So Allie may be more normal than you realize. :-)