Monday, December 19, 2011

Decision Made

After many discussions between Matt and I, we made a decision on how to proceed with Allie's care.  Since we both agreed that we didn't want to give Allie "Reglan", we had to decide between giving her no medication and giving her the Canandian medicine, "Domperidone".

"Domperidone" should help stimulate Allie's stomach muscles so her stomach can process and digest food in a normal time frame.  The medication takes about 2 weeks to work and the only way we will know if it's working is if Allie's oral intake increases. 

We have decided to try the Domperidone.  The Canandian pharmacy contacted me a couple days ago and the medication is being made and shipped.  It will take at least 10 days to get here because of going through customs.  I'm excited to have Allie try it. 

Allie hasn't eaten her whole life so I would be very surprised if she starts to eat because her stomach is emptying properly.  I strongly believe that Allie doesn't know what hunger feels like so even if she has an empty stomach, she probably won't know that sense she is feeling is the feeling of hunger.  I might be totally wrong and I pray this medication is the answer we have been searching for.  However, I'm not setting my hopes too high. 

So within the next week, Allie will be starting her new stomach emptying medication.  I will keep her blog updated on her progress.  You never know.......this could be the lost puzzle piece :)

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