Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Food Change for Allie

Since Allie is always struggling to gain weight, I decided to switch things up again with her.  She has been on a blenderized diet since January 2010 (almost a year now) and she gained weight when we initially put her on it. For the past couple months, Allie has really been struggling with her weight, even with her tube feeds.  So, I decided to put her back on formula and see what happens.

Allie is now getting 4 feedings a day 4 oz each.  She can only handle 4 oz of a liquid feed at a time otherwise she will vomit.  It was very interesting because the day I switched her back to formula, her gagging started back up.  She has now vomited about 5 times with the liquid.  There is no doubt that Allie's tummy cannot handle the liquid volume like the blenderized volume.  However, if I do her tube feeding really slow and don't exceed 4 oz., she typically keeps it down. 

Allie is once again on the Boost Kid Essentials 1.5 cal.  I'm anxious to see how her weight is since switching her off the blenderized diet. We see her GI doctor this afternoon so she'll be getting a weight check.

I have to admit it doesn't feel good giving Allie formula again, but it is just a trial.  I plan to go back to the blenderized diet shortly - I just wanted to see how Allie gains weight with the formula again.  It could be the boost she needs.

In addition, since getting Allie's latest gastric emptying test results (with solids) I want to give her tummy a rest from having to work too hard to digest anything.  I haven't seen an change in Allie since switching her back to liquid formula - I don't think she cares what she gets as long as she's getting fed and fed on her terms of course.

Here are a couple pictures of the girls at the Christmas parade in Wausau.

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