Thursday, December 22, 2011

Weight Check and Doctors Appointment

Yesterday, Allie went to see her GI doctor for a regular check-up and weight check.  I am so happy to report that Allie weighed 27.4 pounds - yeah.  She gained almost a pound this past month.  I'm so excited to see that she actually gained weight.  Maybe taking her off the blenderized diet for a little bit was just what Allie needed.  I will keep her on the formula for a little while longer - we go back for a weight check in a month so we'll see how her weight is going then.

We talked to her GI doctor about Allie's recent diagnosis of Gastroparesis with solids.  He said there are many things that can cause this including: post infections, diabetes, autoimmune issues, metabolic issues, neurological issues, inflammatory GI issues, food allergies, celiac disease and many more.  At this point, we do not know what is causing Allie's stomach to not work properly but along her medical journey, the doctors have been checking specific "markers" which would red flag some of the items above if there was an issue with them.  So, for now we don't know the cause but hopefully down the road, we will find out.

Dr. Brown also indicated that Gastroparesis can come and go with some patients.  Sometimes viral infections can slow the stomach from emptying, etc.  However, he doesn't feel that is the case with Allie - he has a feeling her tummy hasn't been working properly for a while.  So, we are all hoping her new medication from Canada will work wonders.  Another positive is that Dr. Brown stated many children with Gastroparesis outgrow it.  Of course, nobody knows if Allie will outgrow it but it's just nice to know it's a possibility.

To be honest, my motherly instinct is telling me that this is not Allie's underlying issue.  There are just too many things that go without answers if this is her underlying problem.  For example, how come Allie didn't grow "normally" in utero - she was born small for gestational age.  In addition, if her stomach works okay with liquids, how come she never drank a significant amount of breast milk or formula as an infant?  There are just a lot of unanswered questions but at this point, I'm just happy that we received an abnormal test result and we can finally move forward!!!!!!

And now for a super silly picture of Little Miss......

Allie wearing "clean" underwear on her head while she is getting a feeding -truly a silly girl.

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