Monday, December 5, 2011

Another Test/Procdure Required

Received a call this morning from Allie's GI doctor (Dr. Brown) stating he had looked over her last weight and height check and is concerned.  He cannot figure out why Allie doesn't gain weight.  We have been tracking her weight for a long time now and it seems to fluctuate but never really increases a significant amount. 

He requested that we get her in this week for a gastric emptying test with solids.  We have had numerous gastric emptying tests but they have always been with liquids.  In 2009, Allie's first test with liquids showed a significant delay and she was diagnosed with Gastroparesis.  She then had another emptying test with liquids done in 2010 and that showed a slight delay.  She just had another gastric emptying test at Children's Hospital last month and that showed everything was good.  However, the emptying test with solids is different and the body works differently to digest solids and liquids. 

For this test, Allie will be required to eat a normal amount of one of the following: oatmeal, hot dog or egg salad sandwich.  The biggest obstacle for this test is going to make her enough for the test to be performed.  After she eats one of the items, she will lay on the machine and they will take X-rays of her tummy for an hour and a half.  This test is not painful for her at all - just long because she has to lay still on the table for so long.  She's getting to be an old pro though - she's had her share of these tests. 

Allie's test will be on Wednesday at 7:45 am.  The doctor wanted to get the test in right away.  To my knowledge, this is the last test Dr. Brown has in mind in helping to diagnose Allie with a reason she doesn't eat.  I know it's a long shot but I'm hoping this one test gives us some answers.  Please pray for answers.

Overall Allie is doing good.  She's super excited for Santa this year and I continually have to remind her that's he's watching her.  Allie's behavior has been a bit challenging again, but we are dealing with it day by day. 

Here are a couple pictures of my two princesses:

My Little Miss

Little & Big

Everyone has a little silly in them :)

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