Friday, December 16, 2011

Two Years Ago Today

Exactly two years ago today, it was one of the scariest days of my life.  December 16, 2009, We brought Allie back to the ER for excessive vomiting and dehydration.  Allie hadn't kept any tube feedings down since she got her tube placed 5 days before.  Allie was in bad shape and the ER at St. Francis Hospital was not in a position to help us since all of Allie's care was at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Immediately after being examined by the ER doctors, they were on the phone with Children's Specialist to figure out how they should proceed.  I remember the ER doctor walking into the room and saying, "Allie has to go back to the Children's Hospital tonight".  Then he proceed to say that the Children's Hospital is requiring her to be airlifted there.  The plane was on it's way and we had to go home to pack and drive down to Milwaukee.  There was no way I was letting my little girl on a plane without me - so after refusing to drive, they let me on the plane. 

I will never forget seeing the Medevac Life Flight nurses and paramedics walk into the ER and take charge of Allie's care like there was nobody else who could care for her better.  They didn't mess around - it was mass chaos with checking vitals, getting her strapped on the gurney and getting everything hooked up to her so they could monitor every body function possible.  It was scary and strangely, I was too scared to cry.  It was like I was a zombie going through the motions.  However, looking back, I remember the details of the event as if it happened yesterday.

After being air lifted to Children's that night, Allie stayed in the hospital until December 24th.  Doctors, nurses and therapist worked with her continually trying to figure out what was causing her vomiting.  Finally they discovered she had severe gastroparesis with liquids and she got her J-tube placed (into her intestines).  Even with J-tube feeds, Allie continued to throw up.  From December 2009 till around March 2010, Allie thew up almost every feeding.  Life was a constant challenge.

Looking back, Allie has improved a great amount but the daily struggles with tube feedings, gaining weight and behavior is still an ongoing battle.  We have moved forward by leaps and bounds the last two years and I'm proud of Allie with her progress.  We still have a long way to go but we are going to make it.

Looking back, I feel so blessed that God had chosen Matt and I to be Allie's parents.  There is no doubt that Allie's medical issues have put a strain on our marriage and there have been plenty of times that we didn't agree on a certain test that was recommended, a doctor one of us didn't like, surgeries that were recommended or even recommended medication.   However, in the end, we work it out and do what is best for Allie at that specific time.  I have learnt to stand up against the doctors and question their every move.  Nobody has Allie's best interest at heart like her parents and we have come to learn this the hard way - but never less, we have learnt it!!!!

Allie's Christmas Program at Preschool - 2011

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  1. Jodi you all have come such a long way. So many prayers have been answered for Allie and many will be answered in God's time. Love you all!!