Friday, January 27, 2012

New Plan - Test Today

Allie's nurse called us back yesterday afternoon with a new plan.  Dr. Brown is concerned because of Allie's new symptoms so he requested that she get an Upper GI Series immediately. 

Allie is scheduled to have an Upper GI Series today at 10:30 at the local hospital.  The test is non-invasive however it will be a bit uncomfortable because they fill her tummy with gas and then make her drink barium.  The test will perform a series of X-rays to follow the barium through her esophagus, stomach and the beginning of her small intestines.  They are looking for any type of obstruction or just anything out of the ordinary.  According to the nurse, the test should take a couple hours.

In addition, they will be doing extensive lab work at the hospital to check many other things.  I haven't told Allie yet that she needs blood drawn - I'm going to wait until the last minute to tell her.  If there is one thing she hates the most, it's getting her blood drawn.  Poor pumpkin!

We have an appointment with Dr. Brown on Monday morning so we should be able to receive her test results for her Upper GI Series and all of her blood work. 

Please pray that Allie's test goes smoothly this morning.  I know it's not a difficult test but it's difficult for Allie because she doesn't understand everything that is happening.  Thank you!!!

This is Allie's size shovel :)

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