Thursday, January 26, 2012

Waiting on the doctor.....

This is day 3 and I still hadn't heard back from the doctor on how we should proceed with Allie.  With her new symptoms not improving, I"m getting worried.  I have called our nurse everyday and requested they get back to me but nobody ever did.  Finally this morning, I had enough!!!!

I just got off the phone with our nurse and she could tell that I was getting upset about not getting an answer from them.  I told her I needed an answer today or I would be in the waiting room waiting all day to see Dr. Brown.  She promised me she would get with Dr. Brown (no matter how busy he is) and sit down with him and discuss all of Allie's symptoms.  She would get back to me before the end of the day.

In addition, Allie is scheduled to have a weight check on Monday at 10:45, she is going to make that a regular appointment instead of just a weight check.  She said that Allie has too many new symptoms to just handle it over the phone - I agree with her 100%!!!

So, we should be getting some sort of plan from Dr. Brown this afternoon.  That's a relief - we'll see what his thoughts are.

I put Allie on the scale last night and she was 26.6 pounds :(  Poor pumpkin has lost weight yet again. Now I'm really stressing because she was 27.4 pounds at her last visit in December.  As I told our nurse, I am not able to give Allie her full feedings because once I get over 3 oz, she is screaming that she cannot handle it.  Her tummy hurts and she's going to throw up.  In addition, Allie has been vomiting solid foods that are just sitting in her stomach so that's lost calories also.'s always a weight battle!!!!

Allie's behavior has been something else also - it's gotten a bit worse.  I really believe she is in pain.  At night I have had to give her Tylenol just to sleep.  She is very attached to me AGAIN and won't leave my side.  Just last night I was running to the store, there was no chance she was staying home with Matt.  She had to come with me, she just cannot leave my side.  Today I was bringing her to school and all she did was scream that she didn't want to go because she wanted to stay with me.  Yesterday she was laying in bed, woke up and threw a tantrum because I wasn't right by her side.  Matt walked in there and she was so mad because she wanted me and not him.  He tried helping her but she ended up pushing and kicking him and just screaming harder.  The minute I walked in, she calmed down.  Allie has always been attached me and she doesn't like very many people, but to be this attached all of sudden is alarming.  Something has got to be going on with her and I just don't know what.  Praying for answers!!!!

Allie with one of her new dolls at Christmas - yup, it's almost as tall as her :(

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