Saturday, January 28, 2012

Upper GI & Blood Draw Done

Everything went pretty well yesterday for Allie's Upper GI Series test.  The doctor originally told me the test would take about 2 hours but in reality it only took 20 minutes.  Allie refused to wear the hospital gown so she did the test naked - she thought that was pretty cool. 

The radiologist confirmed there are no blockages in her stomach.  However he did say (preliminary) that her stomach had inflammation and that it was emptying liquids slow.  That's about the only results I got from him. 

Her blood draw didn't go so good yesterday and Allie was very upset about it.  It didn't help that the staff were not the friendliest and Allie didn't like them.  They got her vein in the left arm first but then the blood stopped flowing.  They moved the needle around for about 3 minutes when finally I said that was enough.  They poked her right arm then and they got a vein after moving the needle around for a couple minutes.  This vein was pumping.  They were done and I was holding the gauze on her arm.  I lifted the gauze to see if the bleeding stopped and blood was running everywhere.  I freaked out and yelled, "something is wrong with her vein".  Blood was pooling under her skin and also squirting out.  They wrapped a tight bandage around her arm and called it good.  She has a bruise from it but nothing crazy big, I kinda freaked out for nothing.  But it was the first time I had ever seen anything like that - it was scary.

We meet with her GI doctor on Monday so we should get all of her test results then.  He is checking her blood for the following items:

- Comprehensive metabolic panel (COMP)
- Amylases (SAMY)
- Lipase (LIPA)
- Lactate (LACT)
- Serum Ammonia (AMMO)
- Pyruvate
- Serum Organic Acids
- Carnitine

Here are a couple pictures of Allie yesterday during her Upper GI Series test.

Allie before the test started

There is daddy

Getting ready to start the testing

Our big girl

Picture of Allie's tummy with the contrast material going in her tube

Flipping to her side

Allie during the test

Almost done

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