Friday, February 25, 2011

OT Evaluation Results

Allie has been receiving OT services since August through the Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program.  OT comes to our house 2X /month to address sensory processing skills for increased age-level participation in play and daily routines. Allie was 33 months old when the testing was performed.

Here are her results - as they were typed in the report we received today.

Fine Motor results: "Allie's grasping and visual motor integration skills were assessed using the PDMS-2.  Her scores on this test indicated grasping skills at the 30 month level and visual motor skills at the 31 month level.

Strengths: "Allie uses either hand to manipulate objects and is able to bring both hands together at mid line for object manipulation.  She is able to place 3/3 formboard shapes.  She imitates circle and vertical and horizontal lines.  She stacks 9-10 blocks, aligns blocks to imitate building a 4 cube train and is able to imitate building a 3 cube bridge.  Allie uses an emerging 2 point grasp on small pellets.  She is able to use a scissors to cut across a strip of paper."

Challenges: "Allie is not yet using a consistent 2 point superior pincer grasp.  She attempts to string beads, but is not yet successful."

Sensory Processing: "Allie's mother completed the Infant Toddler Sensory Profile.  Allie's scores on this test indicate Typical Performance for Vestibular and Oral Sensory Processing.  Her scores for Visual Processing and Tactile Processing placed her in the Probably Difference category (more than others for Visual and less than others for Tactile).  Allie's score for Auditory Processing was in the Definite Difference range - more than others."

My interpretation of the results - Allie is doing great - she may be a month or two behind but I don't see that as a delay.  A couple more months of no vomiting and getting all of her nutrition and she'll be as smart as me - not sure if that is saying much - lol.

I am a little concerned about her auditory processing results but this isn't anything new.  We have questioned this about Allie for sometime and maybe now I just need to push a little harder for answers.  Allie has a lot going on right now in regards to testing.  She is getting evaluated by the birth to 3 program, Early Childhood program and also getting a full neuro-developmental evaluation by a private medical facility.  So, we'll see how closely all the evaluations come back at and we will make some decisions at that time.

We are waiting on Allie's evaluation results for her Speech Therapy through the birth to 3 program.  Arlene finished her evaluation on Monday and said that she potentially sees a delay in Allie's speech articulation.  Allie pronounced a lot of things incorrectly but she is making improvements with it.  We have knows all along Allie had a speech delay (hence the reason she's in therapy) so I'm not worried about it.  Allie is making great improvements in her speech, especially since when she was 18 months old she lost her ability to speak and was mute - due to malnutrition.  Plus, Allie is so strong willed she makes it a point that you understand what she wants and is asking for - she doesn't lack in that respect :)

Again, Allie is doing great.  We tube fed her in public today and I didn't even bring a bowl in case she vomited.  She has been vomit free for so long that I now feel comfortable feeding her in public.  It's a great feeling!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Here are some of Chloe's soccer pictures that I promised.  I'm so proud of her for getting out there and playing. 

Allie looking a little "shocked"

Little Miss Chloe on her first day of soccer practice.  I swear she does have shorts on!

Chloe got right out there and played with everyone else

Daddy & Chloe after practice

Team rally - the Comet's played great!

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