Monday, May 9, 2011

Adrenal Gland Results

I received a call late last week in regards to Allie's latest blood work.  Dr. Brown (GI) requested we get her adrenal gland checked out because Allie looks very tan.  The results came in and here are the results:

ACTH - 28 (normal range 5-46)
Cortisone - 18 (normal range 6-26)
Carotene - 435 (normal range 60-200)
Adrenal Gland - normal

So, everything looked good except her carotene level.  She is looking tan because she's turning orange.  According to the doctor if someone eats too many carrots, they have high carotene levels and their skin starting turning an orangish tint.  Okay - I'm not feeding Allie a ton of orange stuff so I'm not sure why she's turning orange.  She gets some carrots and some sweet potatoes periodically in her blends but nothing much at all.  The nurse told me on the phone last week that maybe Allie's body is processing her blenderized diet differently than normal.  I'm not sure but I'm waiting to hear back from her Dietician to get her take on it.  I know absolutely nothing about carotene levels so I'll have to start researching it.

Allie continues to do great.  She is continuing to consume corn products orally and through her blends and she is having absolutely no reactions.  I'm beginning to draw the conclusion that her patch allergy testing was a false positive.  One more week on corn products and then our ENT will determine if she is allergic or not.  Unless something dramatically changes this next week, I'm guessing she's not allergic to corn. 

Hope all of you fabulous mom's out there had a wonderful and blessed Mother's Day!  Thanks for checking in on little Miss Allie Rae!

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