Monday, May 23, 2011

Today's Weight Check

Allie had a weight check this afternoon and everything went well.  She weighed 26.3 pounds.  That's a 6 oz gain since May 2nd - yeah Allie.  

Looking back, Allie hadn't gained any weight from August 2010 to December 2010.  She remained 24 pounds for a long time.  Part of the reason was all her vomiting and our continuous struggle to get enough calories into her.  Her weight gain since January is just another reminder of how well she is doing on a blenderized diet.

No matter how miraculous her weight gain is now, I'm still concerned about her height.  Her height isn't inching up at all and I'm hoping one day she just have a growing spurt.  I just keep telling myself she cannot continue to gain weight but not height or she'll be waddling around :)  I'm not stressing about anything right now - Allie looks great and I know one day she will outgrow her 2T cloths - lol!

Here are my two princesses.......

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