Monday, May 2, 2011

Pediatrician Report

Allie had her 3 year well child check-up this morning and I'm happy to report that she is doing great.  Here are her measurements:

Weight - 25 lbs 12.8 oz (she gained!!!!)
Height - 2 ft 10 inches (she stayed the same)

Last Monday she had blood drawn and a full metabolic panel done up to check nutritional value with her blood.  Everything came back great except for a coupe things.

1) Neutrophil - high
This is a type of mature white blood cell that is present in the blood. There are many things that can cause your body to have a high neutrophil level.  Since Allie is doing so well, the doctor thinks that her level is elevated due to stress on her body.  It's nothing we have to worry about at this point.

2) Vitamin B12 - high
This is significantly high AGAIN.  Last time her B12 was checked it was also high.  The doctors are not concerned about it at all.  I of course will be doing a little bit more research on Vitamin B12.  If anyone has any experience or knowledge of why your B12 can be elevated, please let me know - thanks!!!

3) Pre-albumin - low
her pre-albumin was low.  This blood test is used to detect and diagnose protein-calorie malnutrition in people who are critically or chronically ill.  This test reports the current state of a persons nutrition.  So, basically this test is showing that Allie is malnourished and her body is using her stored fat for energy.  Quite frankly, I don't believe it.  Allie is consistently gaining weight and thriving.  The rest of her blood work came back great so her body is not out of whack.  Per our Pediatrician this morning, we need to try and get more calories into her - she feels this will increase her pre-albumin level.  I'm sure we will be checking this again in 6 months.

4) Creatinine - low
This test checks kidney function.   There are many reasons that can cause someone to have low creatinine levels.  We are assuming her low creatinine level is due to decrease in muscle mass - however we are not sure.  This is something we will be watching.

5) Glucose - high
Her glucose was only slightly high so it's nothing we have to be concerned with at this time.

That's all - everything else came back in the normal range.  Looking over all of her blood work, they must have checked her blood for over 100 things.  So, having only a couple things high or low is wonderful!!!  This is just proof of how well she's doing.

We celebrated Allie's 3rd birthday this weekend.  She was spoiled with lots of wonderful presents and a delicious gluten free cake decorated with Little Einstein.  Allie is still fascinated with Little Einstein and she was so excited to have that as the theme of her birthday. 

We also celebrated Chloe's second year in dance.  She had her dance review on Sunday and she did wonderful!  She is turning out to be such a good dancer.  I am so proud of her!!!

It was a great weekend and we celebrated these two special events with Grandpa Ray, Grandma Mary, Grandpa Dave, Grandma Dori and Great Grandma Mona.  Also, Aunt Judy and Uncle Gary came over for birthday cake Sunday night.  It was a wonderful weekend with family and it's so nice to be able to share these special days with them!!

Here are some pictures from this weekend......

Allie celebrating her 3rd Birthday

The girls with Grandpa Ray & Grandma Mary


The girls with Grandpa Dave & Grandma Dori

Blowing out the candle

Allie's Little Einstein cake - she loved it.  Thanks 2510 for making her a gluten free cake! little dancer, Chloe Ann

Chloe & Allie.  Allie wore sisters dance recital dress from last year.  They both looked adorable!

Chloe and I - ready for the dance review

Me and my girls - love them!

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  1. cute dance pictures! Allie is always keeping you guessing.