Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Awesome Therapist

Allie qualified for speech therapy through the school system. She receives therapy once a week for 30 minutes at the elementary school.  To be completely honest with you, I wasn't expecting the school therapy to offer a whole lot of help for Allie.  Nothing again school therapist, it's just I didn't think we would be getting a whole lot out of one 30 minute session each week.

I was wrong!  Allie's new speech therapist through the school system is amazing.  Allie has had two session with her so far and already the therapist (Ms. Rene) has Allie saying sounds she has never said before.  Allie always drops the "S" and "H" off of the beginning of the word.  So if you ask her to say "house" she says "ouse" or "snake" she says "ake".  Ms. Rene does visual techniques with Allie and sure enough Allie is using the correct sounds for S & H.  Of course Allie doesn't use them properly every time but if she thinks about it and follows along with the visual cue, Allie can do it.   It was very interesting today because Ms. Rene showed and proved to me that Allie can say the "H" sound when she whispers but not when she talks with a normal tone.  That is because she is using a different part of her mouth when she whispers.  I thought it was very interesting and it was awesome to hear Allie say the "H" sound - even if she has to whisper to do it :)

Unfortunately, Ms. Rene only teaches speech therapy during the school year.  But we are going to get as much out of her as we can for the rest of the year.  I am very happy she is Allie's speech teacher - I think her and Allie are going to make WONDERFUL progress.  Just seeing the progress Allie has made in the last two weeks is amazing.

On another positive note, Allie has been eating a bit more.  Not sure if it's a phase she is going through but she ate half a peanut butter & jelly sandwich today.  Also, for supper she ate a good portion of sweet potato's and baked beans.  I know it's a weird combo but that's what she wanted.  Allie started feeding therapy on Tuesday and it went well.  I'll blog about that in another post.  Allie has feeding therapy again tomorrow so I'm hoping it goes as well as the first day :)

Please pray for our friend Breylon.  He is currently in the hospital with complications from Mito disease.  Breylon is such a strong little boy and he is turning 3 in a couple days.  His family is amazing, please add Breylon and his family to your prayers.  You can check out his Caringbridge page at:

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