Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feeding Schedule

I received a call from Allie's GI nurse this afternoon.  Allie's GI doctor was out of town last week and she was just following up with his recommendations based on Allie's last weight check.

Dr. Brown was recommending we start her tube feeds back up but continuously feed her though out the night up to 8 oz and not do daytime feeds.  His thoughts were this would allow her to be hungry during the day.

I have a couple issues with this.....

1) Going back to night time feeds is a step backwards for us.
2) Doing continuous feeds is a step backwards also. 
3) Continuous feeds do not allow the stomach to empty and the feel hungry (basically she would be full all night)
4) I honestly don't think Allie feels hunger in the first place so tube feeding her all night OR all day isn't going to make a difference with her oral eating.

Maybe the doctor knows something I don't know but since they cannot get us in to see him until the end of August, it must not be too critical in regards to how I am getting the food into her.  I am currently giving her 12 oz total for the day and we are working our way up to more.  If I followed the doctors advice, she would be getting 8 oz a day. 

I am going to continue offering her food at every meal and if she chooses not to eat, then I will give her  tube feeding.  She is getting 3 oz of blenderized diet for breakfast, lunch, dinner & before bed.  This routine is giving her tummy plenty of time to empty between meals - so she should still be able to feel hungry.

Once again, I'm going with my mommy instinct and praying it's the right decision!

Allie blowing bubbles on the 4th of July

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