Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Going Good

Allie has been doing good and she seems happy to be back on her feeds.  We are still working our way up to full feeds but it's taking a while.  She is currently getting 4 feeds a day and 4 oz each.  She is handling the BD really well again. 

Unfortunately, Allie hasn't gained any weight yet.  I'm really bummed about this but I kind of expected it.  It's so hard for Allie to gain weight - seems like we can pump her with tons of food and she just burns it all off.  I'm making her BD's more calories per oz but that doesn't seem to be working.  I know that with time, Allie will start gaining weight again - it's just frustrating in the meantime.

Allie is meeting her new Endocrinologist tomorrow at the Marshfield Clinic.  I'm hoping they can determine is Allie if growing appropriately or not.  I haven't done any research yet about growth hormones, I figured I would wait and see what the doctor says first.  No sense jumping to any conclusions :)

Allie is scheduled to meet the full feeding team at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin on September 7th.  This appointment is to determine if she is a candidate for the 2 week inpatient feeding program or not.  Even if Allie is determined to be a candidate, we are not sure if we will take her to the program or not.  I haven't made up my mind as to what is best for little Allie.  Once I talked to every member of the feeding program, I might have a better feeling about what is best for Allie.

So, in the meantime, we are getting ready for school.  Chloe starts kindergarten and Allie starts preschool on September 1st.  It's coming up quickly!!!

Tomorrow is kind of a big day for Allie meeting he new Endocrinologist, I'll let you know how the appointment goes.  If we get home from her appointment in Marshfield early enough, she has preschool orientation.  That should be interesting because she keeps telling me she's not going to school - little stinker!

Allie said, "heck with the smores I just want the chocolate".

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