Monday, August 29, 2011

GI Appointment Today

Met with Allie's GI doctor today for a typical follow-up.  Allie hasn't gained any weight since we started tube feeding her again.  She has been back on her tube feeds for a couple weeks so she should have started to gain weight. To be honest I'm not surprised because it takes Allie a long time to gain anything.  So, Dr. Brown is having us add "Duo cal" to her blenderized diet.  I figure it's worth a shot.  We go back for a weight check in a month and if she's still not gaining at a normal rate, we will put her on Periactin to try and increase her hunger.

Dr. Brown was happy we went to see a pediatric endocrinologist.  He was very impressed with the tests they were running and he said hopefully some of the results will give us answers.  He doesn't want to make any changes with Allie until the test results come in. 

I ask him his thoughts on the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin feeding clinic program/intevention and he was honest and said, "he hasn't had to send anyone to the two week inpatient program yet".  He knows the program because he used to work there and he added his two cents with this:

1) You don't want Allie to have a bad feeling about eating - you want her to enjoy it.
2) You don't want Allie to develop any food aversions especially since she doesn't have any right now.

So, I take that as the 2-week inpatient program might not be the right decision for Allie.  Of course he couldn't come out and say that because he knows the program is great - just maybe not great for Allie?  I guess Matt and I are going to have to make this decision since nobody else is willing to make it for us - lol.  We have an appointment on September 7th at the CHW to see if Allie is even a candidate for the program.  She is currently on the waiting list but we don't have to accept her place if we don't want to.

Dr. Brown and I discussed the fact that her new endocrinologist thinks maybe Allie has turner syndrome.  He thought it was a possibility and he recommended she get tested eventually. 

Today Allie's weight was 25.6 pounds and her height was 34.5 inches.  She's still a little peanut!!!!

Girls and daddy playing the ducky game - where everyone is a winner!!

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