Monday, August 8, 2011

Pediatric Endocrinologist

It just so happens that a couple of Allie's doctors do not think she is growing properly.  Basically they think she should be growing more than she is.  So, we will now add another specialist to her list of doctors.

I have been working with her Pediatrician on Allie's referral to meet a pediatric endocrinologist.  We picked a female doctor located at the Marshfield Clinic.  To my surprise, we were able to get in quickly and our appointment is scheduled for August 25th at 2:15.   I was thrilled that we could get in so soon - most of the time we are waiting months to meet a new doctor.

This will not be the first time we have met an endocrinologist for Allie.  Back in January 2009 when we started seeing doctors in regards to her eating issues, we went to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and met an endocrinologist.  That was actually the first specialist we ever met with for Allie.  They ran a couple tests and claimed everything was okay then referred us to the feeding clinic.  I honestly cannot remember what tests they ran for her but you can bet that I will be obtaining the records shortly.

I'm not especially thrilled to be meeting a new doctor for Allie but hey, it's one more thing we can cross off the list or it might be one thing that helps us figure out her medical mystery.  There is no doubt Allie is little for her age and her projected height is very short.  So, we'll see what the specialist says the end of August. 

Allie at the Wisconsin Valley Fair

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