Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Allergy patch testing has started........

After Allie's Dietician appointment on Monday, we met with the ENT Specialist in Wausau.  Allie's patch allergy testing has begun.  The appointment to get the patch on was quick - it only lasted about 45 minutes.  Allie was very nervous to get the patch but actually she behaved quite well when they put it on her.  She sat on my lap facing me and the nurse put the patch on.  They are testing her for the following items:
 - milk
 - soy
 - corn
 - beef
 - chicken
 - what
 - potato
 - egg
 - oat
 - rice
 - saline

This is what the patch looks like

After the patch was in place and Allie was doing well, we were free to leave.  Finally, we were done with appointments and ready to head home.  Allie will wear this patch for 72 hours.  We have an appointment on Thursday at 2:00 to get the patch removed.  Most children only have to wear the patch for 48 hours but Dr. Edmonson wants Allie to wear it for an extra day since some children don't react within 48 hours.  So, poor little Allie will be wearing the patch extra long. 

Once home, Allie did very well with the patch on her back.  She didn't mention it until it was time to get her pajama's on.  She was scared to death to get undressed.  It took both Matt and I to convince her it would be okay.  She kept crying and saying, "patch off, doctor hurt".  After struggling with her for 30 minutes, she finally gave in and let us take her shirt off.  We showed her the patch in the mirror and explained that she didn't have to be scared of it.  She continued to cry until we put her pajama's on.  I asked her if the patch hurt or itchy and she said, "itchy".  My guess is that's a sign of having a reaction but I'm not sure.  Dr. Edmonson said we wouldn't be able to see the reaction until we took the patch off so I really don't know if she is reacting yet or not.  I hate the waiting game and I'm becoming less and less patient with it!

So, overall Allie's patch testing started out pretty well.  Here are some pictures of Allie getting her patch yesterday.  I'll let you know how things are going.

Thanks so much for following our story and praying for our little Allie.  We are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!

Daddy & Allie waiting for the doctor

Allie's back with the patch to test for food allergies

Allie's back with patch

Allie is mad at the nurse

Allie still not happy

This is what her back now looks like.  She has a huge piece of tape over the actual patch.  It's going to be painful when they pull the take off :(

Allie annoying daddy by pulling her eyes down.  She's so cute - she pulls her eyes down and says, "Daddy don't like".  For some reason this freaks Matt out - lol

Allie back to normal for daddy


  1. I hope that the patch test can give you some answers to why Allie is not eating. Cute pictures, as to Matt and the eye thing freaking him out, I can relate it freaks me out too. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  2. This is a lot different than what they did to Jaylene,they made a lines on her back,3 columns with probably 15 lines each received a drop of liquid after they put the drop on they took a sharp crochet looking hook & made a cut to see if she would react to that drop of liquid,they must of did this about 45 times,she was so exhausted she didn't even cry anymore before they were done.This way seems more humane.
    Good Luck with the tests,prayer for some answers!

  3. Marie - sounds like maybe Jaylene had the skin testing done and not this patch testing - but I may be wrong. Allie went through something similar to Jaylene. I blogged about it on November 28th here is the link: http://alliesabnormalappetite.blogspot.com/2010/11/results-of-ent-specialist.html
    Check it out and see if it was the same as Jaylene's test. Either way Jaylene's test sounds very painful - poor girl, and to look at her now - she's amazing adult!!!!
    Thanks for the prayers! I'm hoping we get answers because if not, we are back to square one :(

  4. Good luck...anxious for the results!

  5. I remember Em chasing Matt around with her eyes like that, no wonder it freaks him! I think she used to actually turn her eyelids and they'd stay that way?

    Fingers crossed for answers for Allie (hopefully good answers!)

  6. Steph - I know, I cannot wait to get results. This has been the worst waiting time ever!!!

    Niki - too funny about Em chasing Matt around with her eyes like that. There is no doubt that is why Matt hates it. Ha - Allie is like Auntie Em!!! Her potty training skills better be better though!