Saturday, December 18, 2010

Allie's Procedures Done

Just a quick update to let everyone know that Allie is doing well.  Thursday her prep day went much better than expected.  Allie started pooping around 5:00 or so and she went through about 15-20 diapers. She didn't complain of a sore butt but did spend a fair amount of time in the bathtub.  She had her last big blowout at 7:00 Friday morning - so she was all good to go.

She was so scared when we got to the hospital.  She knew what was going on and when they wheeled her bed into the room, she totally freaked out.  She would scream every time a medical professional walked into the room.  We of course requested verset and she got that eventually but even with that, she was very aware of who was around her and who was in her room.  She did fine until they took her away from us - she was so scared and you could see it in her eyes and her expressions. 

Dr. Brown said that she went to sleep well and they got her IV in pretty good.  The endoscopy and colonoscopy lasted an hour and 15 minutes.  Dr. Brown said he took a lot of biopsies.  He did say that almost all of her upper GI is inflamed and some of her lower GI is also.  He said from what he could tell on the inside, it doesn't look like it represents Celiac disease.  He said that her villi are enlarged and not shrunken as a normal Celiac patient could have.  However, he said we wouldn't have any definite results until after the biopsies are evaluated.  Dr. Brown feels very confident that we will get some answers from these biopsies.  We should get results before Christmas - hopefully. 

For once, the hospital let me go into recovery with Allie before she started waking up.  So, her wake up from the anesthesia went very smoothly.  That was such a relief because every other time she was put under, her wake up was awful.  So, we sat and cuddled for a good hour while she slept soundly.  Eventually we woke her up because I was starting to get nervous she wasn't going to wake up.  We spend another half hour in the hospital and then were home around 3:00. 

Once home, Allie did great.  She laid around for about a half hour and then she got up and started playing.  She had one bowel movement which did contain some blood so I have to watch that.  Dr. Brown said it's normal to have a little blood in her stool but not a lot - this was a bit more than I thought should be there so I'll watch it closely. 

Monday morning we are heading to Marshfield for an appointment with Allie's news Dietician.  We were not able to find a Dietican in Wausau that works with toddlers with feeding tubes.  After her appointment with the Dietician, we are heading over to her ENT doctor to start the allergy patch testing.  I'm really not looking forward to the allergy testing.  We got back to the ENT doctor on Thursday to have the patch removed and discover what she is allergic too.  We know she is allergic to something but just do not know what yet.  According to Dr. Brown yesterday, he's thinking she may be allergic to milk.....hmmmmm that is what we have been pumping into her tube for the last year.  So, I guess I cannot jump to conclusions and I just have to wait for the results of her biopsies and allergy testing.  I feel like we are finally getting close to some answers  I just pray I'm right!!!

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers yesterday.  It was a very hard day watching Allie go through yet another procedure/test.  As she gets older, it seems as if it gets harder and harder for her.  No matter how silly this sounds, please pray for "abnormal" test results so we can get some definite answers on our little Allie.  Thank you!

Here are some pictures from Allie's big day.......

Allie doing some serious sticker work

Allie still being cheesy

Allie supporting the "infant" gown - the toddler gown was way to big for her

Allie & mom doing stickers

Daddy & Allie relaxing

Say cheese

Allie right after her verset

Me and Allie

Playing peek a boo with daddy's hat


Silly girl

Allie being taken away

Allie not wanting to wake up

Allie starting to wake up

Finally a smile and we are ready to head home


  1. Jodi, we are praying hard here for positive results this week and some answers for Christmas! Allie looks so much like you :o) wow...

    I understand the need for abnormal results, so we are praying hard for you guys!

  2. It's too bad she's not cute!!! LOL! Love the pictures!!!


  3. I'am praying for your abnormal results Jodi. Allie is such a trooper. jacki