Thursday, December 16, 2010

Matt's biopsy results and Allie's pooping begins.......

Just received a call from Matt and his biopsy came back NORMAL!!!!  No cancer for my man - seems like a huge weight has been lifted and I can breathe now.  So happy he got good results!!!!!  He will still be in contact with his doctor because they will need to determine how to shrink the nodule on his thyroid or determine if they should just remove it. 

As for Allie - let the pooping begin.  She got her medicine finally at 3:45 pm.  She was suppose to get her medicine at 3:00 but she fought her tube feed for her medicine for a half hour.  Little stinker she is.  I got it on tape though so you all can enjoy the stubbornness of my daughter - lol.  It's now almost 5:00 and she hasn't pooped yet but I know it's coming. 

As for her not eating solid food today - it's going great.  She had a tantrum earlier because she couldn't have an apple but besides that, it's been going smoothly.  She is drinking apple juice and for her nap, I let her take her apple juice to bed.  She thought she was really special because of that.  Normally there is no apple juice aloud in bed so it was a nice treat for her. 

I'll keep you updated on how things are going with little Allie.  Thanks to the advice from one of my friends, I am keeping Allie hydrated with apple juice so that her blood sugar doesn't get out of whack - that would be the last thing we need. 

On the right side of the screen, I have added an email option for updates.  Many of you have contacted me asking how they receive email updates when I publish a new post.  Well, here ya go, just type in your email and you will start receiving updates. 

Thanks again for all the prayers and here is the video of our stubborn little Allie fighting her medicine that needed to be tube fed.  Please note - she doesn't always act like this, she really can be a sweet little girl too!!

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  1. Praise God you got normal results for Matt!! I am so happy for you guys! Now praying for the opposite for Allie ;o) Praying for you and the poop.