Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update on Allie's patch testing

It's Wednesday night and we are 54 hours into her allergy patch testing.  According to Dr. Edmonson, if Allie is going to have a reaction to any of the food allergies they are testing for, it should happen 48 hours into the testing.  Since Allie's medical issues have never been according to the book and she has stumped every doctor so far, they are having her wear the patch for 72 hours instead of 48.  Dr. Edmonson said that in very rare cases, people won't react to the allergen until 72 hours.  So, tomorrow afternoon at 2:30, Allie will have the patch removed. 

So far, the patch has not affected Allie at all.  She never mentions the patch or asks for it to be removed.  This week is going along much better than I anticipated.  Sine Allie is not itching her back or complaining of the large patch on her back, I'm beginning to wonder if she's reacting or not.  Part of me was hoping she would show at least one sign that she is allergic to something but so far no reaction that I can tell.  She isn't acting differently or even trying to scratch her back.  Today I asked if her back was itchy and she said, "yes".  So, I scratched on the patch then on her side (where there is no patch) and I asked her where it was itchy.  She said, "on the side" - so I have no idea if she was actually itchy or not. 

It took me an hour this morning to build up enough courage to call Dr. Brown's office to check on her biopsy results.  I am so nervous for the results - not necessarily for what they will find but for the possibility of everything coming back "normal".  Our nurse wasn't available when I called but she called back quickly and said there were no results yet.  She thinks they will get results tomorrow.  So.....tomorrow is another big day - kind of a revealing day.  Allie will definitely get results from her allergy patch testing at 2:30 when they remove the patch and she should also get the results of her biopsies. 

I have been very impatient waiting for these test results - actually tonight I was secretly thinking of tearing off her allergy patch and checking to see what it looks like under there.  I just need answers and I'm getting desperate.  I'm so nervous that everything is going to come back normal or that the results will be inconclusive.  Not sure how I'll cope if they come back with normal results.  If everything comes back as normal, we are back at square one searching for answers again. 

With all this anxious waiting, I haven't even thought about Christmas.  I almost feel like I'm cheating my kids out of Christmas this year because it just doesn't feel like the holidays in our house.  Normally I'm baking cookies and playing Christmas music.  This year I just didn't have the energy to bake cookies.  My passion is baking and I love it but this year I just couldn't do it.  My Santa duties were sporadic and unorganized.  No doubt my kids are getting spoiled by Santa but it wasn't thought out or organized like normal.  I have been making mad dashes to the stores trying to figure out things the kids can use or want.  Allie has been asking for one specific thing (new cradle for her baby) for 3 weeks and finally Tuesday night it dawned on me that Santa hadn't bought it.  That is the one thing she is asking for and I haven't even taken the time to listen to her.  Well, once I realized it, I ran to Target and Walmart looking for a cradle for all of her new babies.  This is just one example of how "out of tune" I have actually been.  But hopefully tomorrow will provide answers and I can move on and get out of this slump!!

Here are a couple pictures to enjoy.......

Allie's back 54 hours into the testing - it looks the same as the first day.  Not sure if that is a good sign or a bad sign.

Chloe always ready to strike a pose!

Allie pausing for a quick second for a picture

My kids - my life!


  1. Jodi, I am praying you get answers. I am praying that is your Christmas present this year!! Keep us updated tomorrow, I will be praying for you all day!