Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Allie's new food has arrived

On Monday I got the call from our medical supply company and our insurance company stating that Allie's new Nestle blenderized diet is approved and Apria will be shipping it out ASAP.  Yesterday around 4:00 UPS showed up at the door (yes the cute driver) with Allie's new food.  I have been anxiously waiting for Allie to try her new diet.  This canned blenderized diet is a trial to see how she handles it.  I know a homemade blenderized diet is the best but for right now, this is one step closer in the right direction. 

Dr. Brown intends for Allie to drink this new blenderized food instead of her Boost Kid Essentials milk.  Then we should continue to put her partially digested milk into her tubie.  Well, let's just say that there is no way that a human would drink this stuff.  I of course had to taste it before I gave it to her and honestly it tasted like beef, chicken and vegetables all blenderized together - YUCK!!! It was almost as bad tasting as her partially digested milk.  I think if Allie actually drank this stuff she would vomit immediately. I gave it to her in a sippy cup because you never know, she might like it.  Well, not quite - she hated it and I didn't blame her.  I'm not even going to offer it to her orally anymore. It would be like child abuse making her drink that stuff.  So, I gave her a feeding with it and everything went pretty smooth.  Her feeding took an hour and 45 minutes and about 10 minutes after being done, she started coughing and gagging but she didn't throw up.  We'll see how today's feedings go but I'm staying very optimistic about it.  One thing I cannot get out of my mind is.......I know taste doesn't matter much when you tube feed your child because they cannot taste it going directly into their stomach but with all of Allie's vomiting issues, it's going to leave one awful taste in her mouth if she does throw this up - poor pumpkin!

Now I need to get on the phone with her GI doctor and explain to him that Allie will not drink her new food orally.  He was hoping this food would replace her Boost milk since her Boost milk is about the only think that isn't allergen free in her diet.  I am also waiting to hear back from him regarding referring us to a Dietician here in Wausau - so it's a great day to touch base with him anyway.

Our cat Snickers has been vomiting a lot lately and on Monday he threw up a large amount of blood.  I brought him into the vet right away and did blood work on him.  It was interesting to see Allie's response when we brought Snickers to the doctor, she was very empathetic for him and just wanted to love him.  When she heard they had to draw Snickers blood, she rolled up her sleeve and showed Snickers her bright bandage from where she had blood drawn earlier that day.  It was so cute.  Well, we got the results from Snickers blood work and your not going to believe this.......he has similar issues as Allie.  He had eosphilnils in his blood, low calcium and low thyroid and the Vet is thinking he has some GI issues going on.  Of course, having a kid with Major GI issues isn't enough - our cat has to have it also!!  Ugggg....not happy about it but we will manage and deal with it - we always do!

Here are a couple pictures of Allie's new food.  I know it looks gross but that's nothing - you should taste it!

Allie's new meal all set with her pump

Hmm.....doesn't look to appetizing

Allie's new canned food - a blenderized diet
My goal is to transition Allie to a homemade blenderized diet but in the meantime, we are trying the Nestle Compleat Pediatric. Everyone I know that has their child on a blenderized diet for tube feeds uses a homemade diet so I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that currently or previously used this Nestle Compleat Pediatric for their child.  If you have, I am very interested to know how it worked and how your child did on it.  Thank you so much!


  1. Sorry Jodi...never used it. Doesn't look like "real food" to me...ugh!

  2. Stephanie - that's what I'm thinking. It tasted awful and I dread the time when she actually throws it up. My plan is that once we get set up with a new Dietician we will work on a homemade blenderized formula for Allie. I'm not sure why but I'm scared to create her diet by myself - I'm far from being "healthy educated". Once I start on her homemade food, you'll probably be tired of hearing form me beacuse I'm sure I'll be contacting you with a TON of questions :)