Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Vomiting Episode

I had another first with Allie and her vomiting today.  It wasn't anything awful and we weren't in public so that was a plus. Allie's gag reflux has been very quick to trigger since her major vomiting phase about 4 weeks ago.  I would have to say the little "flap" in her throat is getting weaker and it's much easier for her to gag and vomit.  Actually, Allie can make herself vomit very easily - all she has to do is cough a couple times and that's it.  Anyway, I have noticed the past 3 weeks that when I brush Allie's teeth, she gags a lot.  She had never thrown up but just gagged.  Well, today it wasn't just gagging.  She vomited all over herself, the sink and the cabinet.  She is now on the Nestle Compleat Pediatric food "real food" and let me tell you as soon as she vomited, it brought me back to when Matt and I were pregnant for the first time.

In 2004, we were pregnant.  I was extremely sick the whole time (3 months) and was continually in the doctors office because I couldn't keep any food or liquid down.  The doctor kept telling me it was morning sickness and it would pass.  The baby had a good heart beat so they didn't think anything was wrong.  One night Matt and I went to eat at Annie's Restaurant here in Wausau and I ordered beef pot roast.  It was delicious and I ate my share.  Well, I threw it all up on the car ride home - I have to say it was the worst thing I have ever thrown up.  I'm not exactly sure why but it was awful!!!  I never forgot the smell or taste and it took me a super long time before I would eat pot roast again.  After this episode, I knew something wasn't right.  I went to the doctor the next day and requested to be hospitalized because I couldn't continue living like this - I had a feeling it wasn't morning sickness.  Anyway, long story short, Matt and I were expecting twins and the pregnancy had developed into a partial molar pregnancy.  We had to terminate the babies or I would die.  When I arrived at the Wausau Hospital, my liver and kidney's were already shutting down, hence the whole reason I was sick for so long.  I was sent to Milwaukee since Wausau Hospital doesn't terminate pregnancies.  Partial molar pregnancies are extremely rare and no doctors in Wausau or Milwaukee had ever seen an actual patient with it - until they met me! 

So, this morning when Allie threw up her "canned real food" - it did actually smell like regurgitated beef roast.  I started gagging as soon as I smelt it and memories came flooding in about our first pregnancy.  It was not a good start to the morning.  Fortunately, it was the only vomiting episode Allie had today but she did do her fair share of gagging for some reason.  I'm so used to Allie throwing up milk that I figured when she vomited this new food, it was going to be awful, however I didn't realize there would be so much "significance" to the whole thing.

On a brighter note, we had a great weekend.  We went to the Wausau Christmas parade, bought a new rocking chair for the living room, decorated sugar cookies and donated home goods to Goodwill.  It was a nice relaxing weekend and we got a lot of stuff accomplished.

I'm getting nervous for Allie's upcoming procedures. She has her endoscopy and colon scope on December 17th and then her patch Allergy testing on December 20th - 23rd.  I'm not sure what to expect with the colonoscopy as this is Allie's first.  She will have to drink (or be tube fed) the Miralax stuff the day before and I'm thinking that's going to be awful for her.  If any one's child has gone through this, I welcome any advice you could offer.  I'm expecting uncontrollable pooping and a sore butt for Allie but I'm not really sure.  Since she's basically on a liquid diet I'm wondering if that's better or worse for the "prep" the day before.  Also, I'm pretty nervous for the Allergy patch testing.  A couple mom's have wrote to me and said the testing for their children have been very unpleasant and traumatizing for them.  The last thing we need is another medical procedure to be traumatizing for Allie.  Some of you  might not know but Allie is a child that needs to be in control of everything.  She has no control of her medical stuff so that freaks her out and then tries to control other additional things in her life. I like to say, "her need for control is out of control".  Hence the whole reason she's in mental health therapy, etc.  I'm looking into getting some in home help for her behavior and control issues, more about that in another post though.

Here are some pictures from our fun filled weekend:

Me and Allie Rae getting ready for the Christmas parade

Me and Chloe ready to go and freeze while we watch the parade

Our wonderful family of 4 - Matt, me, Chloe & Allie (we were freezing - it was 19 degrees out)

Allie ready for the parade to start

Daddy & Chloe enjoying the parade

Chloe frosting sugar cookies

Allie watch what your doing - your frosting the counter - lol.  She's such a ham

Finished sugar cookies

Our new rocking chair.  We went looking for a recliner and this is what we bought.  Matt and I both liked it so we figured it must be "the one".

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  1. Oh No!!!! Yeah...the more real the food...the more real the vomit smell! Is she doing better on this new formula?