Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy with appointments

Things here are going well.  Allie continues to tolerate all of her feedings and she is doing well being off the night time pump.  We are actually all getting sleep again.

The next couple weeks are going to be busy for Allie.  She has a lot of appointments and evaluations coming up.  Our schedule is looking something like this:

February 21st - 10:00 am - appointment with Dr. Morlan to discuss Allie's neuro-developmental evaluation.

February 22nd - 3:45 pm - speech therapy with Arlene

February 23rd - 9:15 am - Early Childhood evaluation (1st session)

March 1st - 9:00 am - appointment for her neuro-developmental evaluation (rule out Asperger's Syndrome and other issues)

March 2nd - 9:15 am - Early Childhood evaluation (2nd session)

March 2nd - 12:30 pm - speech therapy with Arlene

March 7th - 2:30 pm - appointment with Pediatrician to start bi-weekly weight checks and draw blood to start monitoring a full chem panel to make sure her blenderized feeds are meeting all of her nutritional needs.

March 8th - 9:30 am - occupational therapy with Sheena

March 8th - 4:00 pm - speech therapy with Arlene

March 9th - 9:20 am - IEP Test results with early childhood.  This is where we will find out if she qualifies for Early Childhood.


Lots happening in the next couple weeks and it's possible we might be adding the hydrogen breath test to this busy schedule.  It seems as if all of Allie's testing and appointments are falling so close together but most of these evaluations are either by the State for the state assisted programs or ordered by Dr. Brown to rule out any type of neurological delays.  So, I feel all of these appointments are very important and I hate to cancel any of them.  Allie loves to be tested with doing stuff so I think she's going to enjoy most of these appointments - let's hope!

After all of this testing, we are leaving for Florida for our annual vacation.  We take two weeks, drive and do a lot of sight seeing on the way down.  The girls love it and it's two weeks jam packed with fun.  This year for Chloe's birthday, we are eating lunch with the princesses in Cinderella's Castle.  The girls can hardly wait.

So, a few weeks of running around like crazy will be finished off with two weeks full of fun in Florida.  It will be worth it!!!

I'll update on Allie's progress as we finished appointments.  We are hoping to get some final answers on her neurological status.  Please pray that she masters all of the testing and there is no sign of a neurological delay!

On a side note: Chloe started soccer today and loved it.  She did great out there running around.  I will post some pictures as soon as I get get them off my camera.

For now, here are a couple pictures of the girls when they teeny tiny babies - enjoy! They look so much alike!

Chloe when she was a 3 days old
Chloe all bundled up and heading home from the hospital

Allie when she was 3 days old

Allie all bundled and heading home from the hospital

Chloe welcoming little sister Allie home!


  1. Hello is your Allie eating any solids? I am corn allergic and so are many on our blog:
    One of the members posted a link to your story.
    Here is my blog: with links of a lot of other web sites including a corn free food list. It isn't a large list. Most of use have to make food from scratch.
    Need help just ask, Michelle in East TN

  2. Michelle - thank you so much for the information. I cannot wait to check it all out. I often feel alone with Allie's corn allergy and often struggle to find safe foods for her. She does eat a small amount of food orally so when she does want to eat, I always want something prepared and ready for her. I have been trying to prepare all of our home meals corn and gluten free in the hope that she will actually want to eat with us. I never imagined that corn is in so many products.

    I have also recently started her on a blenderized diet so all of the food she is receiving through her tube is corn free. Allie was previously on canned milk (Neocate Jr., Peptamen Jr., Boost Kid Essentials and Compleat Pediatric). The blenderized food is working great for her so I'm always looking for new foods to use in her blends.

    Thanks again and I'm sure I'll have some questions for you!!!