Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 5 - Engaging Friends and Family

I would like to thank everyone for your support so far in our first annual Feeding Tube Awareness Week.  We have reached out to a lot of people and I know we are making a huge impact.  It's been an amazing week for me and I'm very proud to be able to spread positive awareness and most of all, I'm proud of our little Allie - she supports her feeding tube like a champ!!!

Today we are focusing on "Engaging friends and family". 

The topic today is: GO AHEAD AND ASK ME! -  What do you want to know about tube feeding that you have been afraid or uncomfortable asking?

I love this topic because I know many of you have questions but feel silly asking.  Just know that there is NO silly question and nothing you ask will offend me.  There is a lot that us tubie parents can teach when it comes to feeding our child so here we are.....waiting for you to ask questions.   You can can ask questions like these!

1) Can Allie feel the food going directly into her tummy?
2) Does she give you cues when she feels her tummy is too full?
3) Is Allie's feeding tube painful for her?
4) Will Allie have her tube forever?
5) What do you feed Allie through her tube?

Of course, these are just sample questions but if you want the answers, go ahead and ask!!!  I promise I will answer every question.  Don't be shy and if you want to remain anonymous, you can always leave a comment here and select "anonymous" instead of your name.  You can also email me at

Thanks in advance to everyone who asks question.....after all feeding tubes are quite interesting!!!!

Allie trying to surf while trying on her new swimsuit!

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