Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 2 - Feeding Tube Awareness Week

We are going strong and spreading a lot of positive awareness about feeding tubes!!!

Today we focus on the before the tube and after the tube.  The topic is: What is the most positive benefit your child has received because of tube feeding?

For Allie - the most positive benefit she has received because of tube feeding is LIFE!.  I know that Allie would have starved to death if she didn't have a feeding tube.  For some reason, Allie doesn't recognize or enjoy food like the rest of us.  She has no interest in it and due to her age, she doesn't understand that she needs food and water to survive. 

Our relationship with her tube is a love hate relationship.  We love it because it's keeping her alive however we hate it because it's not ideal.  No child should have to receive nutrition directly into their stomach or intestines to survive.  However, Allie having a feeding tube is much much much better than the alternative.  So, we are thankful for her tube and thankful we have access to this wonderful medical technology.  Without this technology, our lives would be much different today.

Here are our before and after pictures of Allie.

This is Allie at 20 months old - 1 week before she received her tube.  She was still wearing 6-9 month cloths.

This is Allie after having her tube for 3 1/2 months - check out her chubby cheeks!

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