Saturday, February 5, 2011

What are the chances?????

3 Little Princesses

What are the chances that 3 tubie kids can get together and play?  Well, today that is exactly what happened.  For the first time ever, Allie was able to meet someone just like her - a tubie friend!  We met two wonderful families today in Oshkosh, WI and our girls got to meet for the first time. 

We met Joanne Chenery and her daughter Evelyn (5 years old) and Amy Walker and her daughter Karsyn (2 1/2 years old).  It was so wonderful to see so many mic-key buttons and the girls were proud of them!!  All 3 girls were excited that the other's had tubes just like them.  Evelyn's face was priceless when Allie showed her her button and Karsyn loved watching Allie get a bolus feeding. 

We met at McDonald's, yes I know of all places to meet, we choose a restaurant.  However, it worked out perfect.  They had a really nice indoor playground and the kids got to run and have fun.  Us mom's (and Matt) were able to chat about our kids and share very similar stories between the 3 of us.  We have all seen doctors at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and we have seen many of the same specialist.  Like so many other tubie kids, our girls still do not have a final diagnosis.

Overall the morning was just perfect and I thank both of these families for taking the time and effort it took to meet up.  I look forward to many tubie play dates in the future!!!

Thank you Joanne, Evelyn, Amy and Karsyn for the wonderful morning.  We were able to snap a couple pictures of the girls.  In addition, I included a video of Allie talking about her new friends - enjoy!!

Look we all have feeding tubes!!!

Wow - you look just like me!

Left to right
Allie (2 1/2 ) - Karsyn (2 1/2) - Evelyn (5)

Jodi & Allie / Amy & Karsyn / Joanne & Evelyn
Mom's and their tubies!

Here is Allie's video for her new friends:

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