Monday, February 14, 2011

Thank You

Thank you to everyone that supported Feeding Tube Awareness Week.  It was an amazing week and our small community of feeding tube parents have reached thousands and thousands of people and spread positive awareness.  So, thank you and please know that your support means so much to me.  When Allie gets old enough to understand, she will be amazed by how many of family and friends supported her during this past week!!!!

Here is a link to us on News line 9 news here in Wausau.  We were telling our story to help promote awareness.  It aired last Friday.

I am sad to see this week come to an end, however for Allie and all other children with feeding tubes, I am committed to continue spreading positive awareness.

I would like to thank everyone that contacted me by seeing my guest blog on Food Allergy Living, News line 9 clip or by my own blog this week.  Many people had comments, suggestions or simply wanted to share their story with me and I really appreciate everyone reaching out.  I have met a lot of new families and everyone has been very kind - so thank you, I appreciate you emailing me and offering information, suggestions, and support.

As for Allie, she is doing great.  She is just getting over strep throat, laryngitis, and the croup - all at the same time.  I tell ya, when this little one gets sick, she goes all out.  Antibiotics worked great for her this time and she recovered quickly.

We are continuing to do blenderized feeds during the day and she is handling everything very well.  We are currently up to 4.5 oz of blenderized food with a 1 oz water flush.  This is 5.5 total oz per bolus feed - amazing!!!  This is the most Allie's little tummy has ever been able to handle.  She hasn't vomited in quite some time (besides when she was sick because all her coughing led to vomiting).  This week, we increase her feeds to 5 oz of blenderized food with a 1 oz water flush.  We'll see how she handles it but I'm not anticipating any problems. 

So, overall, things here in the Berndt house are going well.  Busy and some days it feels like all I do is tube feed Allie. She is fed at least every 3 hours and then she gets water fed through her tube in between feeds - it's exhausting to keep up with it all - but if Allie can handle it so can this mom!!!

Chloe doing her beads for good behavior

Allie concentrating super hard on stringing her beads

Proud girl showing off her beads for good behavior

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