Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Allergy Results - not what I expected

I have been impatiently waiting for Allie's allergy test results (her second opinion testing).  I called the office on Monday afternoon to see if any results were in and they told me to try back today.  I called this morning and they said no results were in yet and that Dr. Thompson wasn't in the office.  I asked nicely if he could return my call tomorrow if any results were in. 

Within 10 minutes, the phone rang and it was Dr. Thompson.  Didn't think he was in today, but anyway he said he just seen Allie's file and has some results.

Here they are:

Corn - negative
Eggs - positive
Milk - positive
Peanuts - negative
Soybean - negative
Wheat - positive
Candida Albicans - negative

So, the results show no corn allergy yet it shows she is allergic to eggs, milk and wheat. 

What do I think?????  I think I'm more confused than before and I don't know what to think.  I'm frustrated because both Allergist came up with two totally different answers and they are completely contradicting each other.   It simply doesn't make sense.

Allie is currently getting eggs and milk in her blenderized food and she has no reaction that I can tell.  She has been getting milk and eggs in her blends since day 1 so I don't know if I believe she has those allergies. 

So, what do we do?  Right now I'm not changing anything.  I'm keeping Allie's blends the same for now and I have a call into our original Allergist - Dr. Edmonson.  I'm hoping he can shed some light on these two results for me.

To top the cake......Dr. Thompson said that even though Allie's testing came back negative for corn, he recommends we continue to keep corn out of her diet since she previously had a positive test.  Seriously????  That was the whole reason we went there for a second opinion and I made that very clear to him and his staff.  If he would have told me up front that no matter what the test comes back as, he would still recommend she be corn free, I wouldn't have had to get a second opinion.  I'm a bit frustrated with that fact especially because right before the test, we had a lengthy conversation about if the test comes back negative, we could introduce corn products just not high fructose corn syrup.  So, now that the test was negative, he's still suggesting we keep her corn free - again, simply doesn't make sense.

Seems with Allie absoultely nothing can be black and white.  Not sure how I got so lucky to have a daughter with a medical mystery but I know one thing - it's always an exciting ride and I am dedicated to ride this ride for as long as we have to!


  1. Was this all based on the blood test? I've heard of false positives from that, so I'd be more inclined to trust the scratch tests. Though I'd be the most inclined to trust the fact that you are actually feeding her eggs and milk and that she is not reacting. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I can magically find the answer if you and two allergists can't, but something for sure is just not adding up! And I agree, how frustrating for him to then say to keep her corn-free anyway, just in case. Maybe ask him how likely it was 1. a false negative and 2. that she (in what, months?) quickly outgrew the corn allergy. Also, if all the symptoms stem back to a gluten intollerance, her being gluten free and allowing her digestive tract to heal, may allow her to eat things she couldn't before, that you thought were bothering her. If that makes sense? My mom has gluten-intollerance that caused lactose-intollerance. Once she had been gluten free long enough, she was able to re-intro dairy and was fine with it.
    I'm probably rambling and not helping, just trying to wrap my head around it too. I'll be interested to say what Allergist #1 has to say!

  2. UGH!!!!!...that's all I've got...


  3. Ask your allergist to explain the difference between iGg, iGe, etc type reactions. Blood tests, skin tests and patch tests all test for different types of reactions. And pediatric allergy testing is so unpredictable that some allergists don't accept young patients.