Friday, April 1, 2011

Back to reality

Our vacation is over and we are setting back into reality.  Florida was wonderful and everything about our trip was perfect.  We celebrated Chloe's 5th birthday and we got the eat lunch with the princesses in Cinderella's Castle.  The girls loved it and Allie was very excited because they made special corn & gluten free food for her.  It was hard to leave Florida and come back to the cold weather.  For some reason, I'm really looking forward to spring this year.

As for Allie, she's doing great.  Our Florida vacation was the first trip we took with her being corn and gluten free and also being a blenderized diet.  Everything about it went great.  It was hard to stay in a routine with making her blends and making sure she got every feeding but we did it.  She missed a couple feedings but overall I'm very proud of all of us for being consistent with her feeds and making sure she stayed corn & gluten free.  I am also proud of my parents because they took the girls for a day or two and they willing tube fed her.  It was a nice change because normally only Matt or I feed her.

Allie only had one vomiting episode - which had nothing to do with her tube feeding.  Allie was thirsty so she drank 6 oz of her milk orally.  About 10 minutes after drinking it, she threw it all up.  Makes me realize that she still cannot handle 6 oz of pure liquid.  Just another reminder that the blenderized diet is working wonderful for her :-).

Allie had a weight check this week and she weighed in at 25.4 pounds.  I'm happy with that weight because she gained 0.2 pounds in the last 3 weeks.  I know it doesn't seem like much but that's good for Allie.  Remember she remained at 24.4 pounds for almost 3 months.  So, Allie is making good progress.  We will be continuing with the 3 week weight checks for some time. 

Allie's feeds continue to go well.  She is now getting almost 5.5 oz at each bolus feed.  We are slowly increasing her volume.  We don't want to push her stomach too much because we are loving the fact that she is vomit free. 

Besides that, we are all adjusting getting back to our normal life.  Allie is having a couple "off" days with her behavior but I won't freak out until it lasts at least a week.  Not sure what has got into my little sweet pea but she's irritable and cranky that's for sure.  I guess we are all entitled to a bad day or a bad week right?

Here are a couple pictures from Florida - I'll post more as the day's go on.... enjoy

Picking oranges on the side of the highway - not sure if this is legal but we pulled it off :)

The Berndt's - Florida trip 2011

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