Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weight check update

Just a quick update to let you know that Allie had her weight check and blood draw today.  Her weight was 25.4 lbs - same as 3 weeks ago.  I was a bit bummed that she didn't gain weight but also very happy that she didn't lose.  Allie has been extremely active lately so I'm thinking I may have to increase her calories a little.  I'm not comfortable increasing her volume yet - simply because of our corn trial.  I don't want to do more than one change at a time.  So, I will either keep her calorie intake the same for a while or I might add a tsp or two of extra oil to her blend to increase the calories and fat.

They tried taking Allie's blood today to check her chem panels but after two pokes and lots of screaming by Allie, I told them to stop.  It never gets easier watching her be in pain.  I felt awful for her too because I didn't tell her before hand that she was getting blood drawn.  I know how scared she is of it and she won't sleep or anything because she gets too scared.  So, this time, I didn't warn her.  I felt bad about it but I wanted to spare her the worry about it.  Either way - it was absolutely awful and just knowing we have to go back Monday so they can try and get blood again, is making me nervous.  I hate the things she has to go through - I hate that she has been through more blood draws, tests, procedures, etc than the average adult.  I don't blame Allie for being stubborn and strong willed, after all, she has no option when it comes to her health.  Matt and I make every decision for her and if she doesn't want to go through something, she doesn't have a choice.  I should understand why she's a control freak and wants to control so many aspects of her life - it's because she cannot control anything that involves her medical issues.

As for Allie's corn trial, things continue to go great.  Allie's oral intake has been increasing since we are allowing her to eat corn again.  We haven't seen any type of reaction yet so that is wonderful.

We hope you all have a blessed Easter.  We are heading to Esky and spending the weekend with family.  We are very excited to see everyone!

Here are a couple more pictures from Florida.......

Berndt Family

Us with Mr. Potato Head

Our group - Us, Grandpa Ray, Grandma Mary, Aunt Shannon & Uncle Mike

With Mickey & Minnie

Allie swimming without help

Our girls :)

Celebrating Chloe's 5th birthday in Florida

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