Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Allie's Allergy Appointment

We met with Dr. Thompson of Allergy Associates of LaCrosse yesterday.  Dr. Thompson was great and he spent a lot of time with us which was nice.  I had purposely not sent any records because I wanted him starting with a clean slate.  At the beginning of our appointment, I explained Allie's medical history and from there, told him what I would like her tested for.  We came up with a plan and proceeded.

Allie had never been tested for environmental allergies so Dr. Thompson thought it was good idea to check for a few of the common one's.  We agreed and Allie had skin testing done.  This was different skin testing than what our previous allergist performed.  With the testing Allie had yesterday, they injected the allergen under the first layer of skin on her arm and then checked it 15 minutes later.  Allie had 5 needles inserted and she hated it.  She was tested for the following:
Dust Mites
TCE - this is a yeast type of mold
Alternaria - mold
Aspergillus - mold

So far, we know she is moderately allergic to: TCE & Alternaria.  We have to watch her arm for 48 hours and document what the injection sites look like after that. 

As for food allergies, they drew her blood and will test that for any type of allergy (immediate and delayed reactions).  They are testing her blood for the following according to this breakdown:

Specific IgE's
corn, eggwhites, milk, peanuts, soybean, wheat, candida albicans

Specific IgG's
Corn, milk, wheat, candida albicans

We also ordered a total IgE blood test

She was prescribed a dose of Nystatin for a week in case her digestive track is inflamed due to the yeast allergy.  However, I am holding off on this medicine because Allie is scheduled to have her breath hydrogen test on April 18th.  This medication will interfere with those test results so we will hold off.  It's not like Allie has a yeast infection or thrush or anything so it's more used as a precaution in case she does have some type of yeast overgrowth going on. 

So, what do we know???  I know to remove the Brewer's Yeast out of her blenderized diet.  At this point, her yeast and mold allergies are moderate so they are not anything extreme - of course we know the final results until after 48 hours.

We will get the results of her blood test in about 2 weeks.  I'm praying for no corn allergy but I'm not getting my hopes up.  The doctor did confirm that it's very rare for someone to be allergic to corn and not have other food allergies.  So, we'll see - we are testing for a couple different things than what she was previously tested for. 

Dr. Thompson was very impressed with everything we have done for Allie so far.  He said that it sounds like we have had all the right testing done for her and we should continue on our search.  He even asked if I worked in the medical field because I knew so much about Allie's health issues and everything relating to it.  I just laughed and told him I have spent the last year researching everything about her and trying to find a diagnosis on my own, etc.  He was very impressed and it made me feel good because most doctors don't acknowledge (or accept) how knowledgeable the parents become about their own child's health issues when it's a chronic issue or simply not having a diagnosis yet. 

So, now we sit and wait for her blood test results.  I get very impatient waiting for results so I'm praying I can keep my mind busy for the next two weeks. 

Here are a couple pictures of her skin test.  I would say her reaction is increasing slightly with each test spot which would indicate she has a delayed reaction.  Each spot got a bit more red and raised slightly.  I don't think any allergy is significant though, we'll see what the doc says after we sent in our 24 & 48 hour reading on her skin.

This is 7 hours after the skin test

This is 18 hours after the skin test - you can see the spots are slightly bigger

This is just another picture of her spots 18 hours after her test

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