Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Second Opinion

Before we left for vacation, I decided to look into getting a second opinion on Allie's corn allergy.  I had spoke to our current ENT doctor numerous times and asked him to re-test her but he refused.  He said that her reaction to corn was significant and he believes it was a "true" reaction.  However, he also stated that there is a 50% chance the reaction was a false positive.  Hmmmm....50% - that's not good enough for me. 

Of course there is so many things that little Allie wants to eat (even though she only takes a bite or two of them) and with this corn allergy, she's not aloud to have them.  We have been doing our best at keeping her corn free and honestly I feel like we are doing an excellent job.  It's not easy keeping her corn free - actually it takes a lot of time and effort.  Having a child with an allergy poses a lot of challenges daily.  I feel fortunate that Allie only has a corn & gluten allergy because I know it could be much worse.  However, corn is in tons and tons of food and that is where our biggest challenge comes in. 

Having a child with an allergy affects the whole family and I guess I want to make sure 100% that Allie is indeed allergic to corn.  Allie's corn allergy is a delayed reaction and apparently every reaction she has is internal because prior to her being corn free, we never suspected an allergy due to the fact she never showed any symptoms.  (unless we were just missing them). 

I contacted Allergy Associates of LaCrosse (after several friends suggested them to me) and I talked to them for an hour on the phone.  I explained our situation and they were more than happy to try and help us out.  They will draw Allie's blood and test her blood for any type of delayed reaction to corn.  They do not perform the patch testing at their facility they simply draw blood and check for allergies that way.  They may do some skin prick testing, that will be determined when we get there.

Our appointment is set for 1:30 on Tuesday, April 5th.  I'm very anxious for the appointment as this should provide us a definite answer in regards to Allie's corn allergy.  I accept that she may be allergic to corn but being the kind of mom that I am, I want to be 100% sure the first test wasn't a false positive. 

We were hoping to find an outstanding Allergist here in Wausau but since so many people recommended Allergy Associates of LaCrosse, we decided to go there.  It's 3 hours away which isn't too bad considering we used to travel 4 plus hours for most of her previous doctors.  Please keep Allie in your prayers on Tuesday as she gets more allergy testing.  I have been reading more and more about allergies and most people that have a delayed reaction to corn also have other food allergies.  I'm hoping that more food allergies are not discovered but if they are, that is okay because it's one more thing to work with in getting Allie 100% healthy.

Here are a couple more pictures from our trip to Florida......

The girls meeting Cinderella at her castle

Our family with Sleeping Beauty

Chloe's favorite - Ariel

Girls with Snow White

Allie's favorite Princess Belle

Me and the girls being silly at Look Out Mountain

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