Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Private Therapy

We met Allie's new private therapist this morning.  Her name is Ann and she seems great.  Ann and I spent a lot of time talking about Allie's medical history and the different things we have tried over the past 2 years to get her to eat orally. 

Starting next week already, Ann will work with Allie on her eating therapy and also work on some speech. Allie will be seen twice a week for 45 minutes each time.  Her schedule is set for Tuesdays and Thursday's at 11:15 am.

I'm happy we were able to get this therapist because she is the one everyone recommended for feeding issues.  Ann is looking at retiring in the future but for now, she was willing to take our case.

After going through Allie's medical history, Ann looked at me and said, "Allie's case is by far the most difficult one I've ever attempted.  I haven't worked with anyone like her before.  She is going to be the biggest challenge in my career so far".  Hmmmmm.....that wasn't exactly what I was hoping to hear but I appreciate that she is honest.  For once, I would love for someone to tell me they can get Allie to eat orally.  Seems like everyone, doctors, nurses, specialists, and therapist, are intimidated by Allie and they aren't exactly sure how to proceed with her.  I'm hoping Ann is our answer and she has some tricks to try with Allie's eating therapy.

I wasn't planning to spend so much of our summer time at therapy, however if it helps Allie, we will do it.  I am a strong believer in therapy as I have seen Allie master occupational therapy this past year.  In addition, speech therapy has really helped her and she is now talking in full sentences.  It's still hard to understand what she's saying, however she knows exactly what she is trying to say.  So, if therapy is what she needs to learn better, then therapy it is!!!!

If you have a child in eating therapy, I am interested to see how it works.  Allie's will be individual therapy and it sounds like they will start with play activities.  They will make Allie take a bite and then she can play for a minute then she has to come back and take another bite, etc.  I'm just wondering if anyone has tried this technique and if it worked.  So, if you have any experience to share, please leave me a message or email me at berndt@charter.net - thanks!!!

In October 2009, Allie went through a feeding clinic at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.  Allie did not accept that way of feeding and the week long feeding intervention pushed her in the wrong direction - she left there eating less than before.  So, I'm happy to hear that this therapist will not be using that technique :-)

Allie continues to do great with her feedings and I am now real comfortable making her blends.  Allie continues to be vomit free which a wonderful thing!!  Tomorrow we meet her GI doctor for a follow-up.  I'm thinking our plan for the summer is going to be......AVOIDING THE DOCTORS!

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