Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birth to 3 Completed and Corn Update

Yesterday was a sad day for Allie and I.  She completed her enrollment in the Wisconsin Birth to 3 program. Yesterday was her last day for in-home speech and occupational therapy.  Her therapist have been great and they have helped Allie a lot these past 6 months.  Since Allie is turning 3 the end of the month, she is being transitioned into the school system and will start receiving speech therapy at our local elementary school.  She will get therapy once a week for a half hour.  In addition to that, we are hiring private therapy for her in regards to her oral eating and speech articulation. 

Here are a couple pictures of Allie and her therapist.  Allie loved them both and she is really going to miss them :(

Allie & Sheena - her OT (Sheena brought finger paints for an extra fun last therapy session)

Allie & Arlene (left, her main PT) and Colleen (right, a student PT)

Thank you to Sheena & Arlene and everyone in the Wisconsin Birth to 3 program that was involved with Allie's care plan.  You have helped Allie so much these past 6 months and her progress has been amazing.  Also, thank you for being my sounding board and listening to my concerns and helping me along the way.  We all know Allie can be a challenge but with your help, we have made some great progress.  So - thank you again and please know we appreciate everything you did for/with us!!!

In regards to Allie's oral challenge with corn......things are still going great.  We haven't seen any signs of a reaction yet.  She is even eating cheesy corn puffs and no reaction - I'm not holding my breath though - things could change quickly, you never know.

Tomorrow Allie will get blood drawn to check her chem panel for being on a blenderized diet.  I'm praying everything comes back good.  In addition, she has a weight check scheduled for tomorrow at 11:30. I always get excited for her weight checks because if she gained, it's like getting a high five for giving her the proper nutrition.  Of course I'm always praying she grows in height because her projected height is 4 ft 11 inches.  There is no other way to put it besides......that's short!  It's okay though - as long as she's healthy and happy who cares how short/tall or chubby/skinny she is.  She will always be perfect in my eyes :)

I will continue to update on her corn progress. 


  1. doctors told my cousin she would be 5 feet 4 inches and she ended up being the tallest in the family at 5 feet 7 inches... you never know!

  2. Doctors wanted my mom to give my brother growth hormone when he was young and told them it was child abuse since my parents refused. They projected him to be 5'4"... He's 6'2"!

    Height projections mean NOTHING!!!!