Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You Know Your Little Girl is Tough When.......

Yesterday morning after dropping Chloe off at school, Allie and I headed over to the Weston Aspirus Clinic to get her blood drawn.  Allie and I both hate having to get her blood drawn, it seems like every time they do it, Allie gets more and more mad.  Now that she is 2 1/2, she knows what is happening and she knows it's going to hurt.  On the way there, Allie asked where we are going.  I accidentally said, "to the doctor to get your blood drawn".  She started crying, "no, no blood drawn"  It was downhill from there. 

We waited for a half hour in the lab waiting room and the whole time Allie was saying, "no blood drawn".  She must have been driving the other patients crazy but I couldn't get her to be quiet.  Allie knew what was coming next and she thought if she repeated it and repeated it, I wouldn't make her do it.  Poor little Allie, no matter how many times she said, "no blood drawn", she still had to do it.

When the lab tech came out and called Allie's name, Allie started screaming.  She wasn't going in there without a fight.  I held back my tears and calmly told Allie it would be okay and picked her up and carried her into the lab.  From there, all you could hear were screams!

You knows your little girl is tough when......
 - it takes 3 people to old her down for her blood draw
 - she cries harder from being held down than from the actual needle pick
 - she kicks over the floor garbage can when the nurse brought it over for her to throw up in (remember Allie's gag reflux is quick to trigger so she throws up easily)
 - she throws the puke tray across the room
 - a doctor actually comes to the lab to make sure everything is okay
 - immediately after her blood draw and everyone let's her go, she stands up and says, "THANK YOU".
 - she didn't shed another tear just asked for her sucker and stickers

Ohhhhh....our little Allie is quite the stinker.  She put up a good fight in the lab yesterday but the lab tech won.  They got the blood they needed to run all of the tests and we should have results in 7 -10 days.  After her blood was drawn, Allie was fine.  She was showing everyone her new sparkly bandage and kept saying, "boo boo".  Each blood draw is a bit worse than the previous.  I'm praying this is the last time they need to draw blood for a while!!!!!  It breaks my heart seeing her go through these things and I pray it will all end soon.

We had a scheduling conflict with Allie's patch allergy testing so I had to call and reschedule.  Allie will now have her patch testing December 20th - December 23rd.  Not a great week for it since that's the week of Christmas, however the ENT doctor called the GI doctor and they both agreed that we shouldn't wait until the new year.  They wanted it done ASAP.  Thank you to all the mom's out there that let me know about your child's experience with the patch testing.  From what it sounds like, the testing can be quite painful and unpleasant for the little one's.  Of course the doctor told us it wouldn't be bad and there would only be very very very mild discomfort.  Hmmm...I think I'll believe the actual TRUE stories of people that have had this testing done.  So, thank you for sharing because now I can be prepared!!!!

After Allie's traumatic day at the lab, we ended it with putting up the Christmas tree.  I know it's a bit early but I want to be able to enjoy it.  Christmas comes so quickly and like everyone else, I'm running around like crazy trying to get everything done and perfect for the holiday season, so I figure what they heck - get the house decorated so we have time to enjoy it.  Here are a couple pictures of the girls decorating.  They had a blast and did a great job. 

Matt putting lights on the tree

Snickers helping  - poor Snickers had to get blood drawn today also.  He was throwing up blood so he had to go to the vet.  He seems pretty happy tonight though.

Allie putting ornaments on

Chloe adding ornaments to the tree

Good helpers! Only problem is they only put ornaments on the bottom part of the tree - lol.

The finished product (still need to add fake snow though)

Girls helped me decorate this too - they are so excited to get their stockings stuffed!


  1. Jodi I love reading your blogs... I really hope that they find something for Allie, she really sounds like a trooper! God Bless u all :)

  2. UGH!!! My least favorite thing for Ava too! I'm so sorry she (and you) had to go through this. Hopefully it will lead to something! It sucks to go through that and then have everything be NORMAL!
    Please let us know as soon as you know anything...I'm anxiously waiting, waiting, waiting!!!

  3. Oh, Jodi, I laughed and cried on this one... I just want to hug that girl and never let her go!Big hugs for you, too. Miss you guys already.
    Gramma Dori